Drustores.com: Hot Penny Sale! Buy 5 Items for $0.05

Drugstore.com is offering what they are calling a great penny sale!  They are offering a selection of items that you can get for just a penny each when you buy five.  So grab five for $0.05 total!  You will need to pay shipping which is $5.99.  But the items are really nice and you are looking at around $30 value for only 5 cents.  Get a  nice selection of items and  you can be looking at putting together a nice gift basket for less than $7.  You need to check it out!

To get this deal you must go through Ebates as it seems it is an Ebates exclusive.  Plus you get 6% cashback to boot.

  • Select the five items you want to buy and head to checkout.  Complete your order

This sale is only available once per account.  I would shop early as I think this would be a popular sale.

Thanks Southern Savers!

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  • Janna Johnson

    Thanks! Checked it out but there is hardly nothing left!!!

  • ras

    Thanks! I got a bunch of body washes and hand soaps.

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  • Sarah

    I went to drugstore.com but am not sure where to find the penny sale items???

    • Sarah,

      You have to follow my instructions and go through Ebates.


  • Sarah

    Found it! I was in such a hurry to get the great deal that I didn’t read all the details.

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  • AW

    Got 3 handsoaps, a lotion and some bodywash for $6.05. Not bad! I just hope I like this stuff 🙂

  • Kathy

    I use shortcuts.com for my money back site. They also have a link for the penny deals.

  • kara

    i got 85 oz of hand soap for $6.06 ~ sure hope i like the smells!!!

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  • Sally

    Thanks this will make a great gift basket for my daughters school teacher this year.

  • Thank you – I just bought a bunch of conditioner and body washes as stocking stuffers for $6.04

  • I also got some body lotion and washes. Hope lavender and rosemary mint smell good. thanks

  • veronica

    I’m newer to Ebates (2nd time using) and I don’t see the earnings from Drugstore.com yet… Hope it makes it way to my acct. I’m a newer pet owner also and have been buying Frontline thru my vet’s office. I was thrilled to find it there for $5 less per application (buy 6), plus the Ebates earning, no tax and free shipping!!!

    • Veronica,
      The earnigns take about 30 days to show up. when did you complete your first transaction?
      One more thing to know too is that with Ebates you need to make sure you are using only the coupon codes that they have available on their site. Some coupons codes available elsewhere may void a cashback transaction. This is in the terms for Ebates.


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  • Thanks so much – got lots of soap!

  • Michelle

    dont forget the free samples, and a few a free after coupons…

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  • cant find the special

  • Tricia

    Pretty cool but I went on just now and they stated 3 items not 5.

  • Michele

    It only let me get 3 at a penny, what did I do wrong?

  • Amanda

    How do you get the free samples?

  • suzanne

    you can only get one item now.. 🙁
    I took too long and it got knocked from 3 items to 1…

  • erica

    it only lets you get one item. am i doing something wrong?

  • michelle

    front page has free samples…my order just got canceled saying backordered unable to fill 🙁