Earth Day Giveaway: Stonyfield Gift Pack (3 Winners)

It’s April 22nd, better known around here as Earth Day.  My husband is spending his day volunteering his time to clean up our community.  In fact, everyone in his company is off work today but volunteering to a special Earth Day activity.

I have mentioned before that my family is taking baby steps to a greener existence.  It’s a work in process, I still sometimes forget about bringing my reusable bags with me to the store. But we are improving the quality of the food that we eat. While we can’t buy all of our food organic, we are buying more organic fruits and vegetables. We have been buying hormone free milk for YEARS and our kids get organic yogurt everyday.  I prioritize what to buy organic and what not by using this list from the Environmental Working Group.

Stonyfield wants to help YOU become greener. In this giveaway THREE readers will have a chance to win a gift pack that includes a reusable bag, a book and DVD to educate you on the importance of eating organic and give you tips on how to go green. Plus you will get coupons towards FREE Stonyfield yogurt so you have a chance to try organic yogurt.

The giveaway package will include:
(1) reusable Stonyfield shopping bag,
(1) Girls Gone Green book,
(1) Terracycle seed starter kit,
(1) Why Eat Organic DVD,
(4) 5.3 oz Oikos coupons and
(1) free 16 oz Oikos coupon.

This is what you need to do to enter this giveaway:

1)  Share with me your favorite way to recycle/reduce/reuse items in your home.  For example I reuse baby food containers and put them to use in a variety of ways.

2)  For a second entry watch one of these videos on the Stonyfield website and then come back and share one thing you learned or stuck out to you.  The videos are very short and educative so totally worth it.

Leave a separate comment for each additional entry, you know the drill. If you are reading this entry on your RSS reader or email newsletter make sure to CLICK HERE to enter this giveaway. Emailing me is not a valid way to enter this giveaway. This giveaway is open to residents of the US 18 years and older. This giveaway ends 4/24 at 12PM EST.

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  • maren

    I use reusable bags when I go shopping and we reuse/recycle everything we can.

  • Kim

    We save all of our aluminum cans and recycle for profit. We also have paper recycling in our community and I recycle all paper and cardboard, all the way down to the paper towel roll. I am hoping that this will make a difference for my children.

  • LL Rice

    My favorite way to reuse items is tried and true: I reuse grocery bags as trash bags and lunch sacks.

  • Catherine

    I use string bags instead of paper or plastic for all my shopping – it’s amazing how much they’ll hold! I also take full advantage of our city’s curbside recycling program, and recycle every last can, jar, and scrap of paper that I can.

  • I use reusable shopping bags at the grocery and cloth diapers on my son.

  • maren

    I watched Climate Counts. I learned that a businesses climate footprint is fueled by what we buy and consume each day. We need to be conscious of that and try to buy from companies who care about making their climate footprint smaller. We have to show them what we think and help them change their ways.

  • Rei

    I use cloth towels to reduce paper waste. I also reused a cardboard paper towel applicator to roll up the towels for easy dispensing.

    In case you want a visual:

  • Christine

    We recycle plastic, newspaper, cans. We give too small clothing to other mommies. Use canvas bags when shopping. Have a garden and rain barrels.

  • Kim

    We rip our paper towels in half and share them at dinner time. I also finally started using a reusable shopping bag!

  • Megan J

    I re-purpose my yogurt cups as pots to grow tomato seedlings in. Would love to try this out with some Oikos yogurt cups! Thanks 🙂

  • Oanh

    We use food scraps as compost for the plants in the backyard.

  • I love using those green bags!!! And we have a recycle bin next to the trash can…makes me happiest when the recycle bin is fuller than the trash!!!

  • I reuse grocery bags for my doggy’s doo-doo on our walks.

  • Trish

    We recycle and use reusable bags for shopping.

  • dunnk

    I’m on my second baby for my 24 cloth diapers that are dried in the sun! How cool is that!

  • Allison M.

    We use reusable bags when shopping, and I reuse bread bags or any bags that food items come in to put dirty diapers in or for poop when we walk the dogs.

  • Kristy

    We recycle as much as we can!

  • I recycle canning jars constantly because I started jarring my own soups and stews. Not only does it save the cans going into a landfill, but it also is way cheaper and healthier than buying the canned soups because I know what is going into them =).

  • Trish

    I watched Why Buy Organic and I learned that by consuming products that are not organic we may not be able to effectively use antibiotics in the future.

  • no paper towels or napkins i make my own
    save the tp tubes for planting seeds, save egg caertons for fire starters,save all olds clothes for crafts,no plastic bags shopping.. made my own.. took a old bucket and made a worm compost..dont use the dryer.. made a cute cloths pin bag,my town does not recycle..that kills me so i hull my goods to the dump.. now if i could only give up chocolate.. hum

  • We’ve cut way back on our paper napkin and paper towel usage since I bought a pack of 18 washcloths from Walmart for $4. It has been really simple to do, but we never use paper napkins again and rarely use paper towels!

  • Victoria

    When I shop I always use my green bags. We have recycling pickup in our neighborhood, so I recycle everything that I possibly can. I have energy efficient bulbs in every light, energy efficient appliances, and a PUR filter on my faucet so I don’t have to buy any bottled water. The one thing my family does is to always use our plates, cups, and silverware so we never have to buy any paper or plastic ones. This saves alot of money and waste.

  • i watches climate counts.. i hope it all works out that way for my childrens furture.. did like the car running on water.. 2 years to wait and see

  • Maria

    I recycle shopping bags and use green bags as much as I can, i re use glass jars for food storage and always buy refill bags instead of buying new containers for cleaning products every time we run out, I reuse empty dog food bags and I reprint on inkjet paper in our home office printing on all sides and then using them for scraps and it does make a difference, my grandma used to save envelopes and all the paper she got as junk mail to make notes or shopping lists and it used to drive me crazy but i find myself doing the same to waste less… 🙂

  • Christine Teel

    Blows me away that if we eat less meat it is more effective then turning out the lights!!

  • Christine Teel

    I reuse cool whip containers–they make great continers for leftovers!!!

  • Diane Gigandet

    I reuse cool whip and margarine containers for leftovers and other items.

  • Cecilia

    We have a habit of not tossing anything that can be recycled or reused. Food and drink containers go the our town’s recycling center and clothes, electronics, movies, etc. that no longer get used either goes to goodwill or to family and friends that can use them.

  • Cecilia

    I watched how yogurt is made, and I love that they showed how they thought through the process and cut their impact by using solar panels, losing the plastic lids, and feeding the “waste” clean yogurt to the pigs.

  • Tara H.

    We also use the reusable shopping bags, but sometimes I forget so we keep several of the plastic bags for other household uses like bathroom trash bags or lunches. The ones we don’t keep go into the bins at the store to be recycled. I also reuse the baby wipe containers and diaper boxes to store things.

  • Dulce

    We reuse the kids shoe boxes by wrapping them in colorful gift wrap or comics page from the newspaper and they use them as “keeper boxes” to store anything from rock collections to small toys.

  • Jackee

    I have re-useable grocery bags that I use. I put a sticker in my car that says “Got Bags” to remind me to never leave home without them. I also re-use cottage cheese containers for crafts and storage and to send home food with friends after a dinner party.

  • Sarah Hartwig

    I save my plastic shopping bags in used tissue boxes and use them for a variety of things: wrapping especially gross diapers, groceries at Aldi, packing things securely and the list goes on.

  • Jackee

    I watched A Crisis averted, I had no idea the H car will run on only water. They are working so hard to make the climate crisis non existent. Amazing!

  • theresa g

    I use my own bag for groceries and my kids take cloth snack bags for their snacks at school. I save gift bags to reuse and I use envelopes from the mail to hold my coupons and put my grocery list on.

  • Meggan

    I *always* use reuseable bags when shopping – in fact, I made my own! I also reuse Ziploc bags whenever possible (i.e. when they haven’t had meat in them) – just wash them with the dishes, let them dry, and reuse! 🙂

  • Carrie

    My favorite way to reuse is to shop at thrift stores and take things we don’t need anymore there.

  • Ann

    I use reuseable lunch bags, grocery bags and we also recycle.

  • Kelly Perry

    reuse glass jars for food storage.

  • Natalia

    We save empty food containers like sour cream or yogurt and use them for leftovers. I also use the same laundry jugs over and over by refilling them with homemade laundry soap.

  • Cyne

    I recycle paper, bottles, and cans and I use canvas totes when I shop.

  • nilu

    We don’t use paper towel; we use Wash clothes for that.
    We don’t use paper plates,cups, forks and spoon for parties; we use re-usable plates, forks, spoon, and cups- I know it’s a lot of works…
    We use re-usable bags for our groceries.
    We use empty jam jugs, sauce jugs for keep my spices, sugar, tea, …etc

  • sam

    I re-cycle my papers, clothes….

  • a

    i make my own laundry soap, fabric softner, and dishwasher soap!

  • Ann

    I watched about yogurt and I thought it was interesting that they use solar power to make the plant work.

  • entry 1 – I keep glass bottles and containers that some of my food comes in (salsa, etc). Then when I am making something (like homemade salsa) that I want to store, I have a great container to keep it in!

  • entry 2 – I watched the video of Bode Miller. I saw his face on one of the movie icons and was intrigued what his connection was to Stonyfield. I think his story is amazing. I had no idea that a superstar like him owned an organic farm!

  • greta

    we use reusable grocery sacks

  • Leslie

    We recycle everything. With six children we create a lot of waste – so we felt we needed to do something. We have been using cloth diapers for years – and love them! But, my favorite way to recycle is kind of gross. We have a worm house full of red wigglers… It is a small unassuming little house and no one realizes what it is. We put all of our vegetable and fruit waste (peelings, leftovers, and eggshells) into it and the worms turn it into the most beautiful, lovely soil I have ever seen. I use it for my houseplants and also to plant the herbs that we use so much of. LOVE the worms and all that they do for us.

    Thanks for such a great givaway! Greek Yogurt has become a staple here – nothing makes better healthy mashed potatoes.

  • Martha Wankel

    I clean out glass jars when empty and use them instead of plastic containers for storing leftovers. I can see whats in them so I’m able to use all the little leftovers for things like soup or adding into a casserole. I really enjoyed reading the other peoples hints.

  • April

    we use cloth napkins, don’t buy paper towels and used re-usable grocery bags when possible.

  • Bethanny

    We recycle whenever possible, and also take plastic bags to a local bread store to reuse for their customers.

  • Natalie

    We recycle all of our paper products, aluminum, glass and plastic. It’s truly amazing – for a family of five, per week we only generate ONE normal-size trash can that actually has to go out to the curb. I use only cold water wash (except for whites/towels) and use about half the recommended amount of laundry soap (whaddya know – still get clean clothes!). I also have a clothes line for when it’s nice out. We also compost and have a garden in the summer that we keep with all natural pesticides.

  • Bethanny

    In the video, I was surprised to learn about all of the solar power… I had no clue! Makes me want to keep supporting the company for sure!

  • Jackie

    Our garden is our number one source of reduce, reuse, recycle. I like to reuse containers in our garden for container gardens. Cat little containers become hanging “topsy turvy” planters, others are used for small flowers or vegetables and some rubbermaid containers (the ones with broken or cracked lids) become repurposed as larger planters. We make small biodegradable peat pots out of newspaper and use newspaper as a mulch as well. We found some really large round containers on the curb a while ago which have gained new life as rain barrels. Our last use in the garden is the compost heap. All kitchen refuse goes in there, we make sure to turn it and then we have lovely nutrient rich material for our garden.

  • Audrey

    Reusable bags for grocery shopping and re purposing glass jars for drinking, flowers, and pen holders 😀

  • Bonnie

    We save all jars and my husband uses them in his workshop.

  • Leslie

    I watched the video about their yogurt – I love that they use solar power!! I have always loved Stoneyfield, but that makes me want to buy Stoneyfield exclusively.

  • Margaret

    I use reusable grocery bags now! The plastic bags I currently have in store are now my trash bags! 🙂

  • AnnMarie

    I have a line in the basement to hang my laundry year round.

  • Marcie

    I reuse baby jars to hold my jewelry

  • Marcie

    Love the videos, can’t believe they use solar power

  • Heather R

    We recycle the egg cartons. They are great for all kinds of things. They make great car holders for the boys and the girls use them for alot of things to.

  • Carol

    I air dry clothes outside instead of using electricity from the dryer

  • Carol

    The stonyfield videos were very informative, they really do try to incorporate green measures

  • Nicola

    I recycle bottles and cans. I also reuse spaghetti jars for when I make my own sauce.

    njfoley at sbcglobal dot net

  • Bev

    We reuse plastic grocery bags as trash can liners.

  • Nicola

    wow they use solar power. That is awesome.

    njfoley at sbcglobal dot net

  • lisa

    I reuse yogurt cups to start seedlings.

  • Diana

    I get a dozen eggs from a local farm every week and we give back our egg cartons to them to reuse.

  • JL

    The grocery store plastic bags are now my doggy disposal bags!

  • JL

    The videos are great, love the Bode Miller story

  • Amanda

    I take plastic grocery bags and cut them into strips to make “plarn” to crochet with. I have made bags and baskets out of the plastic yarn. I have also taken old t-shirts and have done the same thing.

  • I reuse things like old clothes (t-shirts) for cleaning and washing the cars.

  • Bev

    Wow, I had no idea that Bode Miller is an organic farmer! Super cool!

  • R. W. Newton

    I reuse plastic utensils; they even make it just fine through the dishwasher. This saves wear and tear on my stainless steel utensils.

  • R. W. Newton

    I love, love, love, love , love Oikos honey yogurt. I can’t get enough of it, but I try to limit myself to one container per day!
    I do several errands at a time, so that less gasoline is used in my car.

  • Karissa

    We reuse plastic bags and have started using re-usable shopping bags. We also recycle cans and plastic.

  • alh1203

    We recycle everything including not throwing clothes away but donating them

  • Melody Carpenter

    I usually use cloth grocery bags (when I remember!) and the plastic ones I use for garbage bags in the bathrooms.

  • Tammi

    I reuse yogurt cups. I use them as snack cups for my 2 and 4 year old.

  • Karissa

    I watched the one on harvesting raspberries. I loved watching the process of how they pick and sift through the ripe raspberries, with out the green ones coming off the bushes. I never realized how they did that before. Really cool to see!

  • Bill

    I recycle by setting up a compost bin, it cuts down on trash and really makes for a beautiful garden

  • Michelle

    We return old batteries, printer cartridges, and even cell phones to stores that recycle them, like whole foods.

  • Bill

    Love the Stonyfield site, solar power is amazing!

  • alh1203 has had a huge impact on the climate revolution and has shown consumers which companies are helping the planet the most.

  • I also reuse baby food containers, and also baby wipe containers to store plastic bags in–keeps them much neater. One of my favorite things is refilling the foam soap dispensers, though! You use SO much less soap and it’s easier for the kids to wash.

  • Kate

    I save all my magazines and newspapers each month and donate them to a local school’s art class. They use the magazine for projects, the paper for Paper Machet projects and even as table covers. They seem to be quite appreciative and the magazine and paper get a second or third life!

  • Don

    Wow, this is great giveaway and I love that it encourages good habits. We donate our old clothes to goodwill and always provide leftovers to shelters, it makes us feel great inside and it helps others and the planet

  • Michelle

    I had no idea you pick blueberries with a handheld “rake”. It’s amazing they don’t get smashed! I also didn’t know the organic blueberry is the fruit with the highest amount of antioxidants in American & Canada. Cool videos.

  • I watched ski champ farmer. Bode Miller is an organic farmer and grew up that way.

  • Rebecca H.

    I buy the 32 oz. yogurt containers. At the end of the week, instead of throwing them away, I wash them and use them for storage.

  • Heather

    Everything that can be recycled goes into the recycle bins. I also always make sure to bring my own bags to any store I shop in – they are all in one bag in the backseat of my car so I always have them. I also compost alot of the left-over food scraps and different things I can for the garden soil. I have this really cool paper pot maker to make bio-degradable pots out of newspaper for my seedlings too! I Love That : )

  • Rebecca H.

    I learned that if we really make an effort right now, we may be able to afford water powered cars.

  • Cheryl

    My mother, sister and I plan one day a week to do all our shopping together. One car, less gas and we all take our variety of reusable shopping bags to the stores with us. We recycle all plastic bottles, aluminum, newspapers etc.

  • Julie

    I drive a hybrid, and schedule my commute to avoid rush hour so my engine isn’t running as long. I also buy whole carrots and peel and cut them myself, rather than baby carrots which are more wasteful and consume a lot of excess water to produce.

  • Julie

    I learned that you need to vote with your money by buying environmentally conscious products.

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  • Mary

    I have my own reusable shopping bags and I am getting a lot better at remembering to use them! We use plastic shopping bags as trash can liners. I saved tons of plastic baby food containers and we made “treasure boxes” with them for St. Patrick’s Day in my sons class. My sisters and I share our magazines, so we are not all subscribing to the same ones. Oh we try to save some paper by paying a few bills online.

  • Elena

    We recycle all we can, I use reusable bags, we have enegy effiecient light bulbs, and we I am planning on starting out own garden since we have enough room, so yummy fresh veggies, fruits and herbs….I can’t wait!!!

  • Angela

    We recycle everything that we are allowed to put into the bin. We also use our grocery bags when we shop. We don’t waste anything.

  • Samantha

    We like to turn our paper towel rolls into birdfeeders

  • loni

    I reuse everything…probably too much some times…I have even wrapped gifts in newspaper!

  • Don

    Stonyfield runs on solar–that is amazing, those videos are great, the kids really enjoyed!

  • Cristina Gia

    I use reusable bags when I shop, try to buy local produce and cloth diaper my 2 kids.

  • Melody Carpenter

    I watched why Embryos need Organic nutrients. I didn’t know that the placenta didn’t act as a barrier to toxic chemicals – it’s actually more like an open doorway. I think that’s pretty scary.

  • Kelli

    We recycle, hang our clothes out to dry, make our own baby food in ice cube trays, have a garden, etc. One of the things I’m doing lately is getting my 2 and a half year old son involved. We moved the recycle bin to “his level” and it is his job to recycle. He is also helping me hang out the wash and plant our garden this year…the next generation!

  • Cristina Gia

    I learned that blueberries really pack a great healthy punch and even better when organic!! Thanks!

  • Amy A.

    I use reusable bags, recycle glass jars, compost, I thrift shop, and I FreeCycle!

  • Amanda

    I use my plastic grocery bags as garbage bags!

  • Amy A.

    I watched the ’embryos need safe food’ video. I learned how important my environment and what I eat is to my developing baby.

  • D Wieland-Collett

    I have stopped using certain companies for baby food (not practical to prepare my own) simply because they insist on putting their items in non-recyclable containers (and my area recycles almost ALL containers so that says something!). I also ALWAYS have canvas or reusable grocery bags with me in the car for quick trips or my “big” grocery shopping excursions.

  • Beth

    Love the giveaway, I help the planet by using a stainless steel water bottle

  • Beth

    Cool videos, didn’t know Bode was associated with Stonyfield

  • Elena

    unfortunately i I have a problem with volume in my comp right now, but I did get to watch the video about babies and pregnancy. the parts that I was able to understand did catch my interest and it really does make me wonder was goes through my body. No doubt I would love to go all organic but I just can’t afford it.

  • Mi

    We try to reuse many things that come with our baby products. Like the born free nipples come in a little container. We reuse those as paci holders 🙂

  • erika h.

    The few times that we do get plastic bags at the store we use them as trash bags or as lunch bags.

  • linda a

    i always bring a reusable shopping bag to the mall so that I can put all my purchases in there.

  • sharona

    I realized how many ziploc bags I was using/wasting. Now I wash out ziploc bags and reuse them if they have not had anything in them that can contaminate them. I also bring my own bags to the grocery and we recycle ALL cardboard food packages, plasic and glass at our house

  • Nancy

    Thank you for listing the shoppers guide to pesticides. It’s really scary when I realized how the pesticide load, was for many of the fruits & vegetables we eat in our home. I intend to start buying more organic , especially for the items we eat everyday. Our community has recycle bins and they pick it up every week. We recycle glass, cans, plastic, aluminum and newspapers.

  • ally

    I reuse plastic yougurt containers for my hubby lunches everyday! Alos try to use reuseable bags everytime i shop!

  • Kerrie

    We eat mostly organic or local produce and purchase several organic/natural foods. We use cloth diapers for our daughter . We bring reusable shopping and produce bags to the market. We do not have a garden, but we have a share (CSA) in a organic farm for several years.

  • Heather McDonough

    We compost all our food waste to use for our veggie/herb garden.

  • AngelaRS

    We try to re-use as much as we can. The plastic bags we use as lunch bags and small trash can liners. We also use them as grocery bags when we go to Aldi’s and Save a Lot. I have also started taking the reuseable bags with me when I shop at other places. We recently (within the last year) got a larger recycle container with our trash service and that is place right inside the garage door so it is “easy access” for tossing in what we can. We also have the “fancy” Tupperware, that’s right, butter containers, Cool Whip containers, etc. When we can, depending on what was in them, we reuse Ziploc plastic bags.

  • marcia S

    I use reusable bags! I keep them in my car so I have them for every shopping trip!

  • Rachel A.

    I cloth diaper and use cloth for cleaning and napkins!

  • Kindra

    I use the ‘junk’ envelopes that I receive in the mail and use them to organize my coupons.

  • Rachel A.

    I wasn’t able to watch a video but something I have learned are the fruits with edible skins you should try to buy organic/pesticide free!

  • Amy

    I use rubber bands as jar openers. works every time.

  • Chhaya

    We use reuseable bags as much as possible. Use plastic bags to line trash cans ..We recycle old washed yogurt cartons for starting seeds indoors, storing beans , etc ..I have started growing some vegetables in my vegetable bed.. We try and avoid wastage of water wherever possible (shorter showers, shutting faucet off while brushing , etc )

  • KellyH

    I reuse yogurt, ketchup, peanut butter etc containers. I save them for the kids to use to play with inside, and now that it’s nice out, outside. If the containers don’t come back then that’s ok.


  • Amy

    we use cloth napkins

  • LH

    Instead of throwing away vegetable water (no salt or seasonings added), I use it to either bake (potato water) or water plants.

  • Nancy

    sponges and towels instead of papertowels/napkins. (We use a lot of bleach.) I liked when it talked about balance on the video.

  • Nancy

    I put the video comment in my first one, but I liked how the skiier talked about balance. I am trying to make baby steps but sometimes I’m not into it all.

  • Beth

    We recycle in our neighbor. The rubber bands that are on vegetables are great for closing frozen bag items.

  • Candace

    We have curbside recycling where I live, so we recycle tons of stuff. The recycling container is always much more full than the garbage can. I have reusable grocery bags, my kids wear hand-me-downs, and we make lots of food from scratch.

  • Mary Catherine

    I reuse baby food jars to store paint from my various room projects. It is easy to store and it helps me to recycle my paint cans 🙂

  • Mary Catherine

    I watched the video about Bode Miller the organic farmer… An Olympian and an organic farmer 🙂 and he’s good on the eyes!

  • Alan

    I reuse materials from trash items to build new stuff. My household also composts at home, and turn in all recyclables that our city collects. Happy Earth day!

  • kathy

    I reuse glass jars for storage (like pickle jars, olive jars, etc.)

  • Courtney

    I use cloth bags and take them with me to stores. I also reuse plastic containers such as the ones that peanuts come in and put dog treat in them. I also reuse sour cream containers and like container for left overs.

  • jaime

    I reuse food containers, shoe boxes, jars, everything!

  • Aimee

    We recycle all paper, plastic, glass, steel, aluminum and cardboard. The amount of garbage that we actually throw out now is amazingly minimal.

  • My favorite way to recycle is to make it a game with my 4-year old son. When the ‘clutter counter’ needs to be cleaned off, we go through all the papers and decide which ones he wants to save and which ones go in the recycling. He loves it. He also enjoys looking at the bottom of empty plastic ketchup and salad dressing bottles to see if it has a ‘1’ or a ‘2’ so he can put it in the recycling bin. And it is always his job to remember to take the reusable grocery bags out of the car and into the store. I love that I am doing good and teaching him to do the same.

  • Julie S

    I reuse glass jars for food storage, and wash my plastic bags for reuse — Trent’s recent post notwithstanding 😉

  • brandy

    We do the standard stuff – cloth instead of paper, reuse plastic bags for trash bags, use reusable bags too (i take the “nice” bags and use my cloth bags when the bags aren’t “nice!” – no sense buying trash bags). We also do not buy bottled water (except for our emergency supply). We use filtered water — and we go through a lot of it!!

  • I keep the envelopes that come with junk mail and use them to take my coupons to the grocery store!

    I also save sheets of paper for my son to color on the back.

  • sue bowling

    I recycle my newspapers in 2 parts. The bulk of them goes to the local high school because they get money for them but I pick out the ad free, full-sheet pieces and save them up until I have a full paper grocery bag full then take them to Savers, my favorite thrift store and they give me a coupon for $3 off a $10 purchase!

  • Theresa

    I reuse glass jars from applesauce and spaghetti sauce to store bulk foods like flour.

  • Julie S

    I watched the video on yogurt-making and am impressed with Stonyfield’s consideration of the environmental impact of their energy use ans waste production.

  • Theresa

    I learned about Climate Counts and plan to use it to learn about which companies are best for the environment and support those.

  • Melanie B

    Lately, I have started to re-use the wax/plastic cereal bags. I cut them into squares and use them to separate homemade pancakes that I freeze for future breakfast meals.

  • rachel

    i bring my re-useable bags EVERYWHERE! i recycle everything that i can from our household, and most of all…we use an electric mower. do you know how much polution is produced from a gas-powered mower?! its scary.

  • Debbie

    I re-use the larger honey squeeze bottles for my left over paint for touchup. Works great. 🙂

  • rachel

    i watched “a crisis averted” and this is it what ive hope for. i hope this is our future. really, it would keep up nights less. 🙂 oh, and the getting a drink from your tailpipe picture is pretty cute.

  • Courtney

    I always use reusable bags when shopping. I also have a recyling center in our apartment with areas for aluminum, paper and plastic. And for those times when I do forgot to bring my bags to the store (I am guilty of forgetting as well from time to time!), I use those bags as doggie waste bags!

    Love GREEK yogart!

  • Megan

    I reuse egg cartons as paint holders for my daughter when she paints.

  • Melissa

    We always reuse shopping bags, when we aren’t using our own store bought reusable bags.

    We also cut dryer sheets in half and use them twice, saves money and the planet!

  • Melissa

    I watched a couple of the videos. Amazing info. But the thing that stuck out the most. Working on making a car that runs on water…oh my. What an amazing day that will be for everyone.

  • diane

    I don’t use bottled water, I use a reusable bottle when I go to the gym. We recycle everything we can, our recylce bin is larger than our garbage. I hope to make some impact on the world for my grandchildren. I try to only clean with enviromentally friendly products. And when we remodeled we tried to buy new appliances that use less energy.

  • Em

    We keep recycling bags on each floor of the house for fast and easy recycling. We empty these bags into our outdoor trash receptacle once a week.

  • Em

    From the video I learned that organic berries are very nutritional.

  • karen P.

    Love my reusable bags & saved our yogurt containers to start seeds in.

  • mary b

    I like to reuse glass jars to store all sorts of dry goods like oat bran, flaxseed, pasta, cocoa, barley, dried beans and plenty of other things. They store easier and look so much nicer in the pantry than original containers and I am not going out and buying “new” storage containers.

  • we compost our kitchen scraps, yard and garden clippings. we have a garden and can all summer long. we have a few reusable bags, and i try to remember to take them to the store. when we do use plastic bags, we recycle them.
    We use cloth rags instead of paper towels, and we try to use only environmentally friendly products in our home.

    I really wish there was curbside recycling in our town. sometimes i recycle in the nieghborhood drop off, but not always.

  • Becky

    Reuse gallon-size plastic containers in your garden as in-ground waterers. Just cut a hole in the bottom and bury the neck in the ground, up to the bottom of the container. Great during a drought.

  • Becky

    I watched Why Buy Organic and found out that the constant use of antibiotics could have bad long term effects.

  • Becky

    I subscribe to your FB page.

  • Fran Milfeld

    I’ve quit using paper napkins and now only use cloth.

  • Brenda

    I reuse Starbucks Frappacino bottles for homemade bath salts for gifts.

  • bbee

    We reuse our empty plastic coffee buckets for many household uses from a dog watering bowl to storage containers.

  • bbee

    The short video “another side to Bode Miller” he buys an organic farm in New Hampshire and relates how he would like to have property he can use in various organic ways as he grows older.

  • Marlena U.

    We reuse the plastic, zippered packaging to sheets, pillows, blankets, etc. to keep toys and books organized for road trips.

  • Julie

    We take all of our recyclable stuff to the recycling center…

  • My favorite thing is recycle and compost ALL that we can!

  • Samantha

    I watched Why buy organics…I have never really thought of it but one reason mentioned in the video for one of the causes of antibiotic resistant diseases is the fact that our meat and dairy is loaded with antibiotics.

  • Angela G

    We recycle our plastic bags by using them in our bathroom wastebaskets.

  • Kathleen

    I wash out all yogurt conatiners and reuse them to plants seeds in the spring. We also keep cardboard from the tp to make stars for our xmas tree!

  • Lisa

    I use reusable grocery bags.

  • Cindy L.

    We reuse those plastic bags. We use them for dog poo bags. We use them to line the trash cans. We donate them to a local soup kitchen,that uses them everyday.

  • Carrie

    i use reusable bags every time i go shopping

  • Stephanie

    We live in AZ so we have curb side recycle! Lucky yes very much. We do it all. …plastic, newspaper, cans. I collect rain water and water my plants with it for the next few days. We connect a hose wo our to AZ so the run off water goes straight to our young trees! We use reusable bags for shopping.

  • Stephanie

    My fav. it …How we make our own yogurt clip! I have a very good friend who does this! Great way to cut down on packaging and factory pollutions! 🙂

  • Sue D

    My favorite way is to use reusable grocery bags.

  • monica baker

    We use reusable bags for all our shopping trips.

  • Amos

    We still end up with the plastic shopping bags from time to time even though we have reusable bags, we use them for doggie “potty” walks….

  • Amos

    Every time I see something like the Raspberry Farm and the effort that goes into clean farming it motivates me to find ways to buy even more organic produce…..

  • Jennette

    We reuse the glass spaghetti jars for storing food/gift items….

  • Jennette

    I love to see how they use the predator birds/insects to control the damaging insects with the natural cycle of life…..

  • We use old paper, etc, for crafts and drawing for the kids. 1 thing I want to try but haven’t done yet is using egg cartons for crafts.

  • Barbara A

    I recycle all bottles, cans and paper. I also try to put scraps out in a compost pile.

  • We use our green bags at the grocery store.

  • I like the Organic for Baby video, good reminder about organics during pregnancy. She brought out how you are what you eat, and while pregnant your baby literally is made from what you eat.
    For more on natural cleaning so that you can protect your family from chemicals go to my blog:

  • Amy in SC

    We compost! It’s sort of a new adventure, and we are still learning, but giving it a try! 🙂

  • Barbara A

    I learned that I can go to a site to find out which companies are good to the environment and those that aren’t. climate counts

  • Amy in SC

    I watched the Bode Miller video. I learned that he owns an organic farm! Very cool! I enjoyed hearing about his childhood (no running water or electricity, grew their own fruits and veges). I just bought some vege plants today, but this inspired me to go back and get some more and really try to grow some things this summer! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Claire

    We reuse glass jars (like from spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, etc).

  • joan

    We recycle and repurpose whenever we can!

  • Natalie

    I love my ChicoBags! I use them all the time… My kids even help me remember them… raising earth-respectful kids is an awesome feeling!

  • Danielle

    Great giveaway! We recently started composting and plan to use the material to fertilize our vegetable garden.

  • Pam

    I have filled an emply milk jug with water and placed it inside the tank of my toilet. This displaces the water and you don’t use as much with each flush. Our water bill has dropped!

  • pheobie

    I love reusable bags. But when I get plastic bags, I use them for dirty diapers.

  • Latoshia

    We pick up the trash along our road and separate it for recycling.

  • Sarah G

    We use dish towels to clean messes, instead of using paper towels.

  • Chrsity

    I reuse grocery bags for garbage bags – only when I forget my own grocery bags!
    I also stopped getting my kids a new backpack each school year. I spent a little more for Land’s End backpacks and my 3 kids have had the same backpack for 3 years – much less waste!

  • Sarah G

    I found it interesting that the ski champ, Bode Miller, grew up without any electricity, etc…and, found it essential to continue to live a “sustainable” lifestyle.

  • Robyn

    I cloth diaper, use re-useable bags at grocery stores, recycle as much as my county will let me and I reuse ziploc (and other ziploc-esque) bags.

  • Robyn

    I watched the video about how Stonyfield makes its yogurt and learned that they have solar panels on their roof that generates 55,000 kW hrs of electricity per year!

  • Yanira DelValle

    I use reusable bags. And I reuse the dryer sheets to dust the furniture, plus I put them in the drawers, and in the linen closet, keeps things smelling fresh. I also turn off the water heater when we finish taking showers at night, and don’t put it on until 30 minutes before we are all about to take showers. And of course I shop at Thrift stores, and goodwill, it’s the best form of recycling.

  • Sue D

    I watched the video on how they make their yogurt. Even though it is a big factory they try to make environmentally friendly choices. I expecially liked that they fed their waste yogurt (from testing) to pigs on local farms.

  • Lina

    i reuse plastic bags

  • Sharon

    I try to make things home-made, but I do from time to time allow myself to buy jarred spaghetti sauce because I love to use the glass jars for all kinds of things(and because sometimes it’s cheaper than making from scratch – and a quick dinner in a hurry)! I keep leftovers in them, freeze homemade stock in them, put coffee beans in them, and sometimes even use them for various home decor or craft projects!

    Very cool giveaway 🙂

  • Sharon

    I watched the “Why Buy Organic” video. I had not learned much before about the use of antibiotics on animals – I had no idea that experts believe that to be the main cause for bacterial resistance to drugs!

  • Tony

    I bring my travel mug to the coffee shop.

  • cheryl

    I use cloth bags at all stores. And I don’t use ziploc bags, instead we use reusable plastic containers and wash them out each time.

  • cheryl

    I watched the video on making yogurt. That is so amazing that they solar power. What an inspiration.

  • DB

    I use reusable shopping bags, recycle as much as possible.. make a point to turn off the lights if we are not in the room, etc.

  • Sara

    Rather than use plastic wrap or aluminum foil to cover up bowls in the fridge, I bought reusable, elasticized bowl covers. They work great!

  • Sara

    After watching one of the videos I learned that Bode Miller has an organic farm.

  • Margie

    I almost always remember my reusable bags and definitely reuse any plastic bags I do get.

  • Emily

    I use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers for my babies. And I use water instead of baby wipes for my babies. All of the pediasure caps I put under the potted plants (as pebble rocks) to drain out the water from soil. Also, we never put any electronic devices on standby, save so much energy.

  • Renee S.

    my reusable bags

  • Renee S.

    I liked the video about yogurt.

  • John S.

    We reuse our bags and containers.

  • John S.

    I liked the yogurt video.

  • Jessica

    I take bags to the store to use. Also when I do get other bags I use them as trash bags so I never buy other trash bags. My community also has a recycling program. We recycle more than we throw away ever week.

  • Jessica

    I also watched “Organic Benifits Everyone” I learned a lto in this one little video. I learned that when the farmer switched to Organic from conventional that the cows now have less heath probelms themself. Also that conventional milk farmers get 20 somthing % of the milk price where they use to get around 50% of the milk price. This has casued a lot of instability with dairy farmers. Organic dairy farmers are more stable.



  • Vickie

    Wow…I made it, finally I got in…LOL 🙂
    Yep, I get your emails and love the blog

  • Vickie

    rut….ro….freezing again,,,ugggg I do many thinks for the eviro…we were borderline hippies as kids growing up…and have always conserved…I NEVER buy or use plastic…only cardboard, or glass…if possible…in process of remodeling our house to be totally green, solar etc. I have lots of tips…but, my computer is messing up. 🙁

  • Vickie

    phewww….crossing fingers for deadline…I am on face book with you too.