Earthbound Farms Coupon on Recycle Bank

You can get a $2/2 Earthbound Farms coupon for just 25 points today on Recycle Bank.  This is normally 75 points.  You can use this coupon to get some cheap organic vegetables.  I believe the bags of carrots sell for a little over $1.

Here is how you can pad your account with some points right now:

  • Click Tide Challenge on the right side (this is a square advertisement)- 5 points
  • Click the Cascade advertisement on the right side- 5 points
  • Click the Aveeno logo in green and publish 3 pledges to your Facebook wall- 50 points
  • Click Recycle Your Kashi boxes-if you have any Kashi boxes on hand with codes on the side of the box get 50 points
  • Click Pampers and take a short quiz- 25 points
  • Click Dove and take a short quiz- 25 points
  • Click Ziploc- if you have any Ziploc boxes on hand with codes on the side you earn 7-12 points each
  • Click Friskies Cat Food and take a short quiz for 25 points
  • Click Lifecycle of a cereal box and take a short quiz- 25 points
  • Click on the Green your Vacation Challenge and check out the following suitcases
      • Travel- 55 points
      • Beach-65 points
      • Camping- 50 points
      • Staycation- 50 points

Thanks, My frugal Adventures!

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  • Roxy

    can i stack the ziploc bag ($1/2) and the target ($1/2 ziploc bag coupon)?

    • Roxy

      btw, the 1st ziploc coupon i am talking about is the recycle bank one.

    • Hi Roxy,
      yes, you can stack one manufacturer coupon and one target coupon.