Eureka Vacuum and X-ACTO/CraftBond Giveaway Winners

Here are the lucky winners for the last two giveaways:

Eureka Air Speed Vacuum Cleaner:

Laurie says, “what an awesome give-away!”

X-ACTO and CraftBond Giveaway:

AQHorse says, “When I make time for crafts, I’m pretty good with them. I sew and do needlework (embroidery, needlepoint), and I like helping with glued projects (dioramas).”

Karen says, “I have started making homemade paper….it is messy but the final product is neat.”

Brenda A. says, “Crafty? hmm. Maybe a little here and there. I have to say, sometimes when I try to be creative working on a new project, I always surprise myself.”

The winners have been emailed and all of them claimed their prizes.  Thank you everyone for participating in these giveaways.

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  • laurie

    was there two laurie’s or did i accidently erase an email?

    • Mercedes

      Hi Laurie,
      This was another Laurie as the winner already claimed her prize. SOrry about that, this was a very popular giveaway.


  • AQHorse

    Thank you for hosting fun giveaways! I know it amounts to more work coordinating/posting/shipping, so thanks a bunch for giving us the opportunity to win cool stuff!