Everything You Need to Know About The Solar Eclipse & Why You Should Watch It!

You’ve probably seen lots of deals for the solar eclipse! From fun t-shirts to glasses everyone is gearing up for the big day! So what is a solar eclipse? This is when the sun is completely covered by the moon causing certain areas in the US to be black for a few short minutes and it’s all happening Monday, August 21st! So why am I making sure you guys know about this?

While a solar eclipse happen often with usually a total of 2 a year this will be the first total solar eclipse visible from anywhere on mainland United States since the total solar eclipse in March 1979. So this is something you might see only a few times in your life span! Here’s some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to getting ready for the solar eclipse and watching it.

First off if you’re going to be watching the Solar Eclipse it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you get eye protection. You’ve probably seen some deals posted and if you haven’t snagged some yet make sure you do so soon. I’m betting the closer we get to August 21st the harder it’s going to get to find some. If you don’t want to purchase glasses, there are other options you can google like the cereal box option.

Also if you’re going to be photographing this event make sure your camera (or phone) has the right equipment. With your phone you should be ok but always check with your manufacture but all higher end cameras will need a solar filter to protect your camera.

It all depends on where you live what kind of experience you’ll have. If you’re really into getting the best “seats” you’ll want to head to the path of totality which runs from Oregon to Charleston.  Don’t worry though, if you don’t have the time or money to make the road trip, you’ll still be able to see at least a partial eclipse. If you head over to this awesome site you’ll be able to see a cool interactive map that will tell you what you will see in your area. There are also tons of viewing events happening around the country as well as many that will be streaming live if you’re not able to catch it.

And don’t forget to snag your Solar Eclipse souvenirs you can wear on the big day. I’ve seen some fun t-shirts including the cute ones on Jane yesterday!

To know when the best time is to see the Solar Eclipse you can head over to this site and enter you zip code! So are you going to be watching??

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