DEAD DEAL: $5 off $20 Purchase at Walgreens

Good tomorrow July 31st ONLY!

The same restrictions as the ones they released recently apply: $20 after discounts and coupons are applied. if anyone can come up with some good scenarios please share.

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  • Sonia


  • Anonymous

    whooeee! i have been wanting to get the FAR items and here we go! the outdoor stuff might work too- combined with rebates. i only have one bliss $1/1 q so that is on the list too… has anyone been able to get the bliss ip to work?

  • Rhonda in OK

    wow again, an even better excuse to get some Bliss candy
    you think we can use a RR as part of the payment?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Rhonda,
    Unfortunately RR are considered manufacturer coupons :-(. This is why I can’t make these coupons work for me. $15 is way too much OOP for me.

    Anon, if you are having problems printing try using firefox.

  • Mercedes

    PS. Rhonda, if you are hitting your Walgreens make sure you read the Tuff bags trashbags thread on HCW (Walgreens Forums). Get free trash bags and convert RRs into gift cards. If you need help let me know.