Fage Yogurt Coupons

Here are a couple of Fage Yogurt Coupons I want to share with you.  I have never personally tried Fage yogurt but I hear from friends that’s really yummy.  Hopefully these coupons will help you get some for less:

  • Become a fan of Fage on Facebook and you will have a chance to print a coupon for $1 off any Fage Greek yogurt.

OK, so how much do these sell for and what kind of deal can we get with these coupons?  If you buy these regularly please share in the comments.

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  • Jinny

    I buy containers of the 2% to make tzatziki (cucumber yogurt sauce) and I think the 8oz containers retail for a little under $2 each in my area of New York State.

    • RoseMerry Toney

      I am totally addicted to Fage 2% Greek Yogurt! I begged my local grocer to start carrying the larger size containers. The 7 ounce containers go for $1.79 each here, and they have a medium sized container (not sure how many ounces) for $4.89, but I buy the 35 ounce containers for $5.79. I go through one 35 ounce container every two days! I have to have my Fage every day or I just don’t feel right. I eat it 2 or 3 times every day. Morning, afternoon, and evening. It is the best yogurt I have ever tasted! Unfortunately, I could not find any of the coupons. I am still hunting for coupons. If anyone finds any that are still valid, please do share!

  • Governorgirl

    In STL they sell @ Whole Foods and select Grocery Stores for $1.99. The Best sale price I have seen on them is $1.50 each. When I’m out running errands or don’t have time to make my lunch for work, I’ll grab one when I’m out running errands. At $2 a pop, they are more than most would pay for regular yogurt, but I reason that they are a lot cheaper and healthier than hitting a drive thru so I’m actually saving money! Today I actually had the FAGE with Honey and a bannana. Total Price for lunch $2.50.

    • cin

      If you’re shopping at the Whole Foods by the Galleria you can get them cheaper a couple of blocks away. They sell them at the Greatland Target on Eager. I think they run about 1.33 each.

  • lori

    Just FYI I could print 3. These are the bomb, so these coupons are awesome!! Once you have the Fage and honey, you’ll see why Oikos cannot even compare! I do the same as the PP, use these as a lunch on the go.

    Trader Joe’s carries these, as well as Kroger, too.

  • Yep, Fage is about $1.99 at my Whole Foods and Trader Joes. What’s nice about them is they are yogurt plus a “side” of fruit so you can mix in as much or as little as you want. Trouble is I can usually only find the Honey, and I dislike Honey! : ) Their Peach is really tasty.

  • Sarah Elyce

    Harris Teeter has them on sale this week for $1.79 so $0.79 after either coupon since they’ll double the $.50 one. I’ll try them since I love Greek yogurt, plus they will help me get to my $40 mark for my $10/40. Then I use my other coupons to get to about $10 or so. 🙂

  • I saw some the other day I think 3/$5.

    They are 10 times better than Oikos.

  • angela

    thank you so much for this coupon, I never see coupons for fage. The best sale price that I’ve gotten for fage is 5/$5. No other yogurt compares to fage. hopefully they go on sale again before these coupons expire, because that would be free yogurt as my supermarket doubles coupons as well. I usually eat mine with wheat germ, raisins, and walnuts.

  • Diane

    They are an advantage buy at my Publix this month for $1.25. (The ones with the fruit – 2% fat). I think the Chobani brand which is 0% fat is a better buy and very creamy and good.

  • starbucksgirl

    The total cost for these at Publix this month is .25 cents with this coupon (on advantage buy through 3/8/10). That’s a fantastic deal. This company is the original maker of greek yogurt. They actually make this yogurt in Greece and it is the best one on the market. The honey greek Fage yogurt is incredible. The honey comes from Greece and it doesn’t taste anything like American honey. It is very complex and very addicting.

  • starbucksgirl

    Stike that. They used to make the yogurt in Greece. They opened a manufacturing plant here in 2005 to start making it in the US. You can read more about their yogurt here:

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