Family Dollar: Wisk Detergent for One Buck!

Did you notice the high value coupon for $3/1 Wisk detergent on the 8/29 RP insert? If you are wondering where you can use it to get a good deal, here is an idea.  Family Dollar stores sell the bottle of this detergent for $4.  So use the coupon to pay only $1 per bottle!

This product was recently reformulated so it has been on sale at other stores over the last couple of weeks.  If you don’t have a Family Dollar you may want to hold on to your coupon and see if it goes on sale at a store near you before the coupon expires.

Thanks Lady Savings!

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  • Kayla

    Wisk is also BOGO at CVS next week. I have not had a chance to check the price yet, but I am sure by using 2 coupons you could get 2 bottles for very cheap and possibly overage.

    • MichelleA

      Hey Kayla!! Their website says $8.49 so that makes for $1.25 detergent!! 🙂

  • MichelleA

    I got my (4) at Family Dollar. First time I have ever shopped there, 1st store was so rude so I went to another down the street who let me use all 4 coupons at once, very happily too. 🙂 Yaaayyyyy! $1 is my stockup price for detergent!!

    • debbie

      yes the same thing happen to me. i went to a new location they were very nice to me, also let me get up to four WISK DETERGENT FOR 4 DOLLARS ONLY. I LOVE FAMILY DOLLAR STORE. THERE ARE GOOD PEP. JUST GO TO OTHER LOCATION.

  • Chris

    The coupon is regional … and not in SE Michigan 🙁

    • Kayla

      I would suggest getting the coupon from a clipping service. I use them all the time when I do not get coupons I want or to get more of the ones I really like. The fee is not very much and usually ship same day!

  • Kd

    I’m in Ohio and I didn’t get this coupon.

  • Stephanie

    I went and got mine at lunchtime. Will go back tomorrow to get my second bottle. The cashier didn’t seem too thrilled to be there so I didn’t want to tempt annoying her with more than one coupon.

  • kseahag

    I have a Family Dollar down the road from me. However, they always tell me they don’t accept internet coupons and I KNOW their corporate policy states they do. I do realize that this coupon is a regular coupon. Just stating what goes on at my Family Dollar.


    Thanks a bunch!! I was going to wait for CVS, which I know will run out quickly; but now I was able to use my coupons before they expire.

  • If you have a Publix near you, it is $4.49 per bottle so after the coupon it is $1.49 per bottle.

  • debbie

    not all family dollar worker , (not nice) i found me a new, store and i like the works there. i was able to purchase 4 WISK DETERGENT FOR FOUR DOLLARS PLUS TAX. THANKS FAMILY DOLLAR .