Updated: Fannie May: $25 of $25 or More Purchase Coupon Code


Update:  It seems the terms of the code have changed and you must spend $40 now in order to use it.

Here’s a very hot coupon code from Fannie May Chocolates.  Use code 10567 to get $25 off any $25 or more purchase.  This code doesn’t cover shipping, so you still have to pay $7.25 for shipping.  Go through Ebates and get an additional 8% cashback.  That should help cover some of the shipping cost.  please note that the discount is applied at the end of the ordering process.

Here’s how you can spoil someone for very cheap with this code:

  • Log in or sign up for an Ebates account. You will get $5 bonus if you are new to Ebates.
  • Search for Fannie May in the Ebates Search bar.
  • Once if the Fannie May website, select an item that its $24.99 or more.
  • Use the code 10567 to get $25 off your order and pay shipping only.

If you used Ebates you will get 8% cash back and that should be at least $2 which helps cover shipping cost.  Plus if you are new to Ebates the $5 bonus helps even more.  Don’t want to bother with Ebates?  Just go here to use the code.

Share with me in the comments section what you grabbed with this hot coupon code.

Thanks Southern Savers!

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  • Lea

    I think the code just expired. 🙁

  • Amanda

    What a lifesaver this is! My company was sending a cheesecake out to a customer as a thank you gift but could only find them around $50+ shipped. This makes the total come to under $25!

    Thanks for making me look like a hero at work!!!!

  • Tammy

    I just ordered the christmas pixies and my total was $8.86. They were 24.99. 1.61 tax 7.25 shipping minus 24.99 coupon = 8.86

    What a great deal Thank you.

    99171 was the item number.

  • susan

    I’ve tried 2x already for this offer. Keeps coming up invalid promo code/ offer already expired. Tells me at the end of checkout.

  • jessica

    The website says the code is invalid or expired, when I tried it on a create your own box for $25.99.

  • Lila

    Did the make-your-own assortment (pick 4) for 25.99, shipping is $9 something, though. Coupon worked great, and E-bates is soooo easy!

  • Carrie

    It’s 2:21 CST & I JUST finished picking out my order & now the code is saying “invalid or has already expired.” Bummer!

  • Already expired by the time I went to check out!


  • No longer appears to be working, at least not for me.

  • I put in the code where it says “key code” and it says it’s expired – welcome any tips on this! I would love me some cheap chocolate!

  • Mary

    When I enter the code it says, invalid or expired 🙁 I was really hoping to get this deal. Hopefully it works for others!

  • Day

    I tried to order the mint meltaways and when i used the code, it said it was invalid. anybody else have problems with the code?


  • Katie

    This coupon would not work for me??? I tried using it right after you posted it. Bummer. I love there peppermint bark.

  • Beverly

    Could not use the code it read “Entered promotion code is invalid or has already expired”

  • Sarah G

    It says the code is invalid or expired. 🙁 I really hoped to get these as Christmas presents – anyone having better luck?

  • Christina

    I was able to get this code to go thru (eventually, as the entire website was PAINFULLY slow), on a make you own assortment box for $25.99.

    I’m not sure if I just got the coupon in the nick of time, but for those of you that it comes up as invalid, maybe try something that is actually over $25, instead of $24.99…

    Just a thought.

  • denise

    code has new restrictions, must spend $40 to get the $25 off.

  • Aylin

    I just tried using the code –expired 🙁

  • Shawn M.

    I just tried to place an order & it tells me that code is expired already 🙁

  • Looks like it is expired

  • Christina

    I just tried it with a $47 purchase, and it still won’t work. Bummer.

  • Daphne

    I think there may be a new code for $15 off $15 purchase. Try code 10575. Not as great as $25 but still good.

  • karen

    it is 3:15 CST and i have $91 in my cart and it still wont work!

  • I’ve been reading about this coupon code, and several commenters on another deal blog said they called customer service, and the CS reps have said that this code is illegal/fraudulent, and the company is trying to shut it down, but it’s been very difficult for them to do in time! Just wanted to let you know, as I don’t want there to be a backlash for you when some people get upset if the code doesn’t work for them. :/

  • I dont have any followers on my blog yet and im just starting out but i thought i would drop by and leave you a note that today only bath and body works is offering $1.00 shipping on orders $30 and over with code SHIP1 at checkout. I thought maybe you could spread the word since bath and body works is also having great deals on stocking stuffers and gift sets.

  • Kara
  • Now sure if this goes with the post but how do we set up seperate shipping cost in Virtuemart?

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