Flirty Aprons: As Low as $12.99

Flirty Aprons is having a sale on their irregular aprons and they are as low as $12.99 each.  Use code Ship4Zero to get them shipped free!  They do make cute aprons!  Now I have never ordered irregular aprons but one of my friends said they don’t have any noticeably wrong with them.  If you have ever bought an irregular apron from Flirty Apron please drop us a comment with your experience.

Thanks, A Few Short Cuts!

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  • I asked for a Flirty apron for my birthday in 2010 – an irregular, of course. Who wants to pay full price? I love it ! it’s so cute. The “defect” with mine was that the little ribbons on the pockets weren’t sewn on very well, but I tacked them back in place.

    Like most cute aprons, they require ironing to look flirty (not frumpy) every time you wear them. But my Flirty apron is one of my favorite articles of clothing, so I don’t mind ironing it.

  • Amy

    I ordered two & am excited to receive them (one is a gift, one is for me). They are selling out like crazy (missed out on my first two choices).

  • Michelle

    All the cute ones are sold out on the irregular link but if you want to pay full price they are not…but who want’s to pay full price? NOT ME lol

  • Jess

    What a shame with the exception of the Men’s aprons these are manufactured overseas in China and Taiwan.