FoodSaver: Value Bundle 72% Off


Do you have a FoodSaver?  I do and love it!  It is great for buying meat in bulk and freezing it.  If you have a Foodsaver then I have a really great deal for you. is offering their Value Bundle 72% off, down to $12.99 from regular price of $46.99.  You need to add the item to your cart to see the discounted price or use the code K9FECCC at checkout.  This bundle includes:

1 – 11” FoodSaver® Roll
1 – 8” FoodSaver® Roll
5 – FoodSaver® Quart Bags
5 – FoodSaver Gallon Bags
1 – Rectangular 1.5 Qrt.Canister with Cheese Grater
1 – Round 4” diameter 25 ounce Canister

You can see this is a fantastic price for this amount of Foodsaver items.  Shipping is $8.50 but even with that this deal is still pretty good.  To make this deal even better go through ShopAtHome and get 8% Cash back (plus the $5 sign up bonus if you are new to ShopAtHome).  Just in case you are not familiar with ShopAtHome, it is a cash back program that rewards you for your online purchases helping you save even more.

Thanks She Saved!

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  • Beth

    Thanks for posting this, my aunt gave me a foodsaver and I needed all this stuff to get started! Great deal

  • Chriscia

    I got 3 of these last night! Considering the 11″ roll is $9.99 on its own, this is a great deal. So after shipping and tax $53 for 6 rolls, 30 bags, 3 canisters and 3 cheese graters. That is less than you would pay for just the rolls!

    • I agree. i think this is a pretty good deal!


  • Miss

    Thanks!! I just got two and shipping stayed the same. $38 included both sets, shipping, and tax!!

  • Laura

    I think the sale price was a typo. Just checked and it’s on sale for $42.99.

    • Mercedes


      you need to add to the cart to see the sale price.


  • Kim

    Wow!! What a fantastic deal!! Thanks a bazillion!!
    I had to add the code before I saw the reduced price in my cart.. I too ordered 2 sets.. I still have some on hand here at home but man.. at that price, it was a STEAL!!
    Thanks again! <3

  • Ann

    I just tried and they are already out of stock!

  • Kristin

    Such a bummer – glad you all were able to get this deal as it is now out of stock… would have been a nice practical gift for my mom. I guess I will just have to keep checking back. 🙂

  • Stacey

    I was going to get this for my dad for Christmas as he broke his canister… but they’re currently out of stock. Hopefully these will be available again soon!

  • Kim

    Has anyone else gotten their FoodSaver shipment? I got 2 boxes (offers) of FoodSaver stuff today.. but none of it is what was shown in the offer above.. However, Im not complaining about it.. Its a HUGE deal!!

    Each offer has:
    1-3 count canister set,
    1-1.5 quart rectangular quick marinator canister
    3- 24oz lunch & leftover containers
    and 2-11″x8′ rolls of bag material.
    The bag material was marketed by WalMart.. but everything else has regular FoodSaver boxes and markings.

    Whatcha think about that?

    • Hi Kim,

      I got it two days ago and I am pretty sure it was what was offered. Although it seems you got a better deal 🙂


    • Kim C.


      I got the same thing you got. Weird.

      Kim C.

  • Chriscia

    I got mine today. Kinda wish I had gotten the deal Kim got. Mine was 3 boxes taped together (ordered 3 sets). Had the canister, cheese grater, bags and rolls.

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