Free $10 Bass/Izod Gift Card When You Spring Clean

Planning on doing some Spring Cleaning soon and maybe going through some of the clothes in your closets?  Bring some of those clean and gently used items to your local Salvation Army and you will receive a $10 gift certificate good at any Van Heusen, IZOD or Bass retail locations. Sounds like a win-win proposition to me.  I love shopping at the Izod and Bass stores at the outlet malls.  My husband and I have scored some really good deals there.  Click here to find the closest Salvation Army Location to you.

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  • Michele

    Awesome!! I was just getting together a box of items to donate to Goodwill, but if I can get a $10 gift card and a tax write off. . .even better!!

  • Thanks! That is awesome. I also have some stuff I was going to drop off at goodwill–I’ll take it to the Salvation Army now.

  • Thank you so much! What a great deal and I have loads of stuff to donate!

  • Emily

    Thank you all for donating to The Salvation Army. It is a much better organization than Goodwill, in my opinion, (I worked for them for a number of years) and my parents are the administrators for a Salvation Army Rehab Center that is funded by your donations. People will receive the care that they need because of your help! Thanks!

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  • meg

    no one seems to know about it.I called and asked 4 different places near me and they have no idea about it.
    Please call and get info before you go.

  • I went yesterday and the woman didn’t know about it, but she was really nice. She called her supervisor, who called his supervisor and they were going to find out more. She told me to call back today and possibly tomorrow depending when they get the information and when they do know more about it, they would give me the gift certificate when I bring in the receipt they gave me.
    Either way–I got unwanted stuff out of my house that will be put to good use.

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