Free $10 in Amazon Instant Video Credits

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Looking for free Amazon Instant Video Credits?  You can get up to $10 in free creditsright now:

  • New Amazon Instant Video Customers can check out this video streaming service for free right now.  Just add this free $5 credit to your account.  You should be able to get at least a movie rental for free with that, they usually are $3.99.  But on sale they are as low as $0.99.  UPDATE: It Looks like this promo is not working right and the credit is not being added to accounts.

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  • melissa

    Quick heads up, this expired back in march 2011. They will charge your card if you don’t already have an existing credit in there. I did this and was charged. Someone else said it worked for them but it says when signing up that the expiration is march 2011.

    • Melissa,
      which one of the two promos is not working? I am unclear.


  • Melissa

    I was charged as well. Thanks. There goes $4 down the drain.

  • Daniel

    If you’re going to post a promo, TEST IT OUT first before making it live to the public. Thanks for nothing.

    • Daniel,
      I could not test out the first pomo because I am already a customer so the page doesn’t display right for me. The second promo worked for me. and I always test out all promos I can test out.


      • Daniel


        My comment was rude and I apologize. I can understand why you couldn’t test it out and how you wouldn’t necessarily know it didn’t work. I’m glad the page was updated about the old promo so others don’t suffer the same frustration.

        • Thank you Daniel, I really appreciate that.
          I wanted to let you know that I try to test all of the deals that I post. Not only to save my readers frustrations but also myself 🙂
          I print a lot of coupons I don’t need and have a bunch of things added to online shopping carts too.
          But I am still human and sometimes things don’t go as planned. I always try to make things right so others can be avoided any waste of time.
          Take care and I appreciate haing you as a reader,


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  • Nicole

    The first credit does work. It didn’t work for me, but after a live chat and then a call to a “Video On Demand Specialist” I received the credit. The “Specialist” said the expiration date should be March 2012 and they were working to try to fix the glitch.