Free $25 Credit to The Foundary

Update!  This offer is now over!  If I find a new link I will make sure to share.

You can grab a free $25 credit to The Foundary by signing up using this link. This credit is available immediately. Then you can also earn more credits by sharing about the sites with friends. Get $1 for every invite that you send and then $20 when a friend buys from the site. I don’t know when this free credit offer expires or how long the credit will be available on your account. The Foundary is a daily deal type of site.

I was looking at the site and it seems shipping is $5.95.  A lot of items that were cheap today were already sold out but there will be another set of sales available every day.  Plus I noticed there is a Kitchen Aid sale coming up.  I know some of you had mixers in your Holiday wishlists.

Thanks Rose Knows Coupons!

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  • Kristina L.

    I was only able to sign up one email and get the credit. I usually do me and my husband.:(

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  • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Dana

    Hoping for a cool deal to come along! And I’ll bet you got the $1 credit b/c I signed up too! Sweet.

    • Thank you Dana,
      But this is not a referral link. It’s a unique offer from the website and I get no credit for it. but you get $25 and so did I and I think that’s pretty awesome!


  • Thank you! Now, we need a sale.

  • This sounds great! I read some fine print that says credits are valid for 13 ninths after earning them!

  • Not sure what ninths are, I meant 13 months! 🙂

  • The link she posted is not a referral link. It’s the link to get the credit. If you sign up with the site directly you won’t get the credit.

  • Oh, so it I send a referral to my friends saying sign up using my referral code to get $25 credit, they can’t get the credit?! Bummer! Is there a way around this? So I can get credits and so can my friends!!

  • Also, I did a little more checking. Looks like you only get the $1 credit when the person you email actually joins (so you don’t get the credit just for sending the email). A lot of work for $50 but it might be worth it…. Jury is still out. Thanks again for the tip either way!

  • Tracey

    Sounds good to me.

  • Lynn

    I signed up but there’s no credit in my account… what happened?

  • Michele

    I was wondering the same thing. I used the link, but did not receive a 25.oo credit. What did I do wrong?

    • did you guys confirmed your account too?
      The credit showed instantly to me.


      • Sorry to be all over this one (it really is a good one). I signed up and had no problem getting the credit. Then I tried to sign up DH using your link- no credit. I did contact the company. We’ll see whatbthey say. maybe they had to shut it down since so many of us knew it was a good thing!
        Thanks again, Mercedes! U R Awesome!

  • Kelli

    It’s telling me the link is broken…any ideas? Thanks Mercedes!

  • No credit for me.

    • Hi Kelli and Debbie,

      Yes, it seems the offer is now over. If I find a new link I will make sure to share.


  • CHI

    I got the credit last night, but today it would not let me sign in. I think they block my acct.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, the same thing happened to me too. I got the credit when I checked my account last night, but now when I tried to get in this morning, it wouldn’t let me sign in. Weird!

  • Jon

    That code doesn’t work anymore but you can still use this one

  • I got my credit last night. The site did seem to be down this morning but it’s up now and I’ve already ordered! Thanks again, getting my Christmas shopping done WAY early this year!

  • CHI

    This was posted on Foundary facebook page:

    The FoundaryLast night we had some questionable account activity. In an abundance of caution, we deactivated some accounts. If you feel that your account was wrongly removed please send me a message with the email you signed up with and I will review your account. Please note, the Foundary Terms and Conditions allow one account per person. You can email your questions and comments to

  • I wanted to clarify that you get the $1 credit when your friends signs up for the Foundary, not when you send the email. I see that some of you are having problems with your account. As CHI mentioned we removed some emails do to questionable activity. If you feel that your account was wrong removed please email and we will review your account. Hope you all have a great night.

    Thank you.