Free 30-day Supply of Joint Juice Fitness Water Drink Mix


Joint Juice is offering a free day supply of Joing Juice Drink Mix when you take this survey for the 30 Day Joint Health Challenge at The survey is about two pages long and takes 5 minutes or less to complete. The 30 day supply has an ARV of $21.99.

Thanks Dealicious Mom!

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  • Char

    Same here, a one page survey and a link for a BOGO any product.

  • Kristina L.

    I did the survey and it was only one page and didn’t say anthing about a 30 day supply.

  • Sara

    It looks like the freebie is dead now. Earlier when you clicked on the link it took you to a pop up survey to get the freebie but now the pop-up does not come up anymore so they must have pulled it. The survey on the left hand side of the page is not the survey you need to take to get the freebie it was a different one.

  • Stephanie

    I did the survey awhile back. They send you BOGO coupons each week. I got some free at Target. The stuff is awful. You’re not missing anything.

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  • Fort Collins Friend

    I like JJ, it works!
    However it sure is hard to find. I want to buy it by the case and Kroger only sells it one bottle at a time. I can’t find the mix at all.
    Now before someone tells me to join Sams Club or some warehouse store for families, understand I don’t have a family. So I’m not joining a club to buy one product. Coupons are not much help either. BOGO gets me one bottle that’s hardly much of a savings to me. Bottles are on sale for .99c
    I do like the new flavors!