Free $40 Gift Certificate to 1-800-Flowers


Ohh!  how would you like to really impress someone for FREE?  1-800-Flowers is offering a free $40 Savings Pass when you sign up for the Fresh rewards program and add 10 event reminders to your account.  Here are the steps to help you grab this great freebie:

  1. Sign up for the Fresh rewards program.  Use an email account where you won’t mind getting advertisements emails or “junk emails” to.
  2. Add at least 10 event reminders to your account (birthdays, anniversaries, etc…).  For each event you add you will received 40 points.  You will also receive an email reminder for each event (hence need for “junk email account”) as the event comes around.
  3. Once you have added ten events, you will have 400 points and 1-800-flowers will send you an email with the $40 Savings Pass (so keep an eye out for this on the email account that you use)
  4. After you receive the Savings Pass and are ready to shop go through Ebates and you will get 10% Cash Back.

Note: Points will be added to your account within 48 hours after you add the events and the savings certificate will be mailed out the first week of month after you add all 10 events.

OK, how awesome is this freebie?  Check out their Holiday Section and you can find some very nice present ideas for family or friends who live in another city.

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

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