Free $40 Gift Certificate to 1-800-Flowers


Ohh!  how would you like to really impress someone for FREE?  1-800-Flowers is offering a free $40 Savings Pass when you sign up for the Fresh rewards program and add 10 event reminders to your account.  Here are the steps to help you grab this great freebie:

  1. Sign up for the Fresh rewards program.  Use an email account where you won’t mind getting advertisements emails or “junk emails” to.
  2. Add at least 10 event reminders to your account (birthdays, anniversaries, etc…).  For each event you add you will received 40 points.  You will also receive an email reminder for each event (hence need for “junk email account”) as the event comes around.
  3. Once you have added ten events, you will have 400 points and 1-800-flowers will send you an email with the $40 Savings Pass (so keep an eye out for this on the email account that you use)
  4. After you receive the Savings Pass and are ready to shop go through Ebates and you will get 10% Cash Back.

Note: Points will be added to your account within 48 hours after you add the events and the savings certificate will be mailed out the first week of month after you add all 10 events.

OK, how awesome is this freebie?  Check out their Holiday Section and you can find some very nice present ideas for family or friends who live in another city.

Thanks Surviving the Stores!

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  • jen

    this seems too easy! Do the events have to occur before the 11/30 deadline?

  • E

    I signed up but it still says I have 0 fresh rewards after I added more than 10 reminders.

  • Rose

    I’m having problems with this one. Every time I’m signed in, and go to my reminders, it appears like I’m not signed in anymore. And every reminder I add, I don’t get points for them. What could be wrong? I’m guessing the “events” and reminders are the same?

    • Sorry, I just added a note with more info: Points will be added to your account within 48 hours after you add the events and the savings certificate will be mailed out the first week of month after you add all 10 events.


  • Marceline

    Oh, thanks so much! I can’t wait to use this to send my mother a nice arrangement for Christmas!

  • Andrea

    Thanks, Mercedes!! What a lovely freebie!! 🙂

  • Sun

    Worked great! $40 in flower money is fantastic. I know you said to use a junk email account, but I really could use the reminder, so mine worked out great!

  • liz

    Has anyone gotten their points yet? I signed up well over 48 hours ago, and still have no points. :/

  • jody

    No [points yet ??? signed up 4 days ago??

  • E

    still no points. signed up 6 days ago

  • Rachel

    I called because I signed up last Thursday. Their customer service said it was actually taking them a week to credit the points.

  • jody

    I called today after an email, they said they were flooded with the response and plan on honoring the points but to be patient. I will wait till Friday and call again. I was also emailed and told to make sure I was signed into the rewards when adding names, which I was and when I clicked on add it appeared I was signed out hmmm. I won’t give up. WIll keep everyone posted

  • jody

    Fianlly got 360 points still missing soem, I added more to see if they will appear. I would like them in by end of month, they send out rewards it looks like at beginning of month??? ANyone else get any points. I would call, I did or email them.

  • jody

    Got all 400 points, will update when I get rewards email

  • Holly

    Should the points take this long? I added the 10 events the day this came out & still have not gotten any.

    • hi Holly

      i have been waiting too. i added 10 at once and nothing. then i added onen event and then 40 points showed up. then i added two event another day and nothing.
      I think the system is not working well.


  • Noel

    I added the reminders also on the day that it came out and haven’t receive a point yet. I’m disappointed 🙁

  • Julie Shaver

    I’m having the same problems everyone else is–I still have no points after several weeks. I will be patient, though; it is free after all. 🙂

  • jody

    Now my finally 400 points are NOT in my account, I am calling them. They still seems to send reminders to me but can’t give me points??

  • jody

    1 800 993 1192 is fresh rewards customer service number. My points were gone because they are suppose to sending me my $40 reward, hopefully by early Dec. Will keep all updated. PS Actually they were very nice

  • Omar

    Till this day I have not received the $40 credit with them, but I have been receiving reminders very often… I am going to have to call. I have lost hope though if they don’t do something soon.

  • Jennifer Small

    I just got off the phone with customer service. It took them a while to answer, but they credited my account with the 400 points. She said they would be deducted tomorrow for the credit. She was very helpful. Hopefully the rest will go smoothly.

  • Laura W.

    I received an e-mail with my $40 rewards pass code yesterday. Not only can you use it at 1-800 Flowers, but you can use at Fannie May, Cheryl & Co., Plow & Hearth, The Popcorn Factory, and 1-800 Baskets! I used it last night at Plow and Hearth on some Christmas presents and had no problems. What an exciting promotion! Thanks for letting us know about it Mercedes.

  • Dena

    I just got off of the phone with customer service. I was assured that the $40.00 certificates would be sent out on Friday. I guess we will see!

  • Jennifer

    I never received an email from them and when I logged on today it said I have 0 points!!! What a bunch of crap.

  • Jennifer

    Ok well now under My Account it shows the $40.00 with a pass # and a PIN # and it expires 2/28/10. So I would use the PIN # when I checkout?

  • liz

    I never got any points either. I think they had a much larger response than they anticipated, and are only givng out points to those that complain. What a bummer.

  • Amyt

    Yeah! I got my Rewards Pass on 12/7. Ordered $40 of free candy today at Fannie May plus free shipping. Thanks, Mercedes!

  • I just filled out the customer service form because I never received my points either.

  • Al Tashjian

    Good Morning i read your website often and thought i would wish you all the best for 2010!

  • Jennifer S

    I had to call again, but the reward certificate number and pin are now in my IN box. 🙂 Thanks for this deal!

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