Free 4pk of Red Bull

This offer is expired now.

If you can get this page to load up, you can request a free 4pk of Redbull. Facebook or twitter account is needed to complete this request.

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  • Elvina Truax

    The link for the free red bull is not loading. Too bad i really wanted that coupon.

  • Sonia

    Oh, Im so mad. I did the whole thing, and it timed out on the last page. I posted it on FB and everything!! Bummer!!

  • Kristina C

    Holy spicy guacamole. It took hours. And I mean hours of casual refreshing while I was cooking dinner and cleaning up. And make school lunches. And doing baths and putting the kids to bed. But it FINALLY went through. So if you are persistent and have a lot of time on your hands it is possible! 🙂

  • Suzanne W

    I had the same problems that all of you did trying to get this link to load, I was using my laptop and it just wouldn’t go through, but I picked up my iPod touch and in less than 5 mins I was done! So try it from your mobile device, it will work a lot easier!!

  • Shelly

    Just tried it and its says they are all out of 4pks

  • char

    the page loaded fine and i filled everything out and posted via Facebook but i don’t see a link for the free 4pk……where am i not looking?

  • Avery

    ^ ditto. I did everything but dont know how to get the 4pk??

  • kathy

    me, too! Did everything, no coupon. I even emailed redbull, no response yet! 🙁 Oh well, it would have just raised my blood pressure!!!