Free Advil Offer with Coupon Code

Didn’t I just tell you to make sure to check every insert in your Sunday newspaper?  Here is one more surprise that may be included in there.  Check your Sunday Newspaper for a special Try Me Free Advil offer.  It includes a unique coupon code you can enter on this website to get a free bottle of advil.

From what I understand this offer has been reported in several markets across the country, so hopefully it is also available in your area.  Let us know if you got this one in your newspaper inserts and what newspaper that was.

Thanks for the deal and photo Coupon Mamacita!

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  • Marty B

    I’m in Lexington KY and we got one. 🙂 Love freebies like that. I registered it first thing just in case they invoke some kind of limit.

    • J

      The offer does no good as the website doesn’t respond. Advil is simply causing potential customers to buy anybody’ else products instead of theirs. Their offers says its limited time to Sep 4th 2011. No mention of limited to just x number of people. If they cut off the offer after they hit an unpublished limit shame on them. Don’t offer if you don’t mean to follow up.

      • D. S. Penyak

        Website doesn’t respond. “Saving Please Wait” has been on since 9:20am, that’s 10 hours. Seems like a con to me.

        • J

          I haven’t seen anyone post that actually got in to sign up for a free coupon.

          • Fiesty Gal

            I got the coupon in the San Diego Paper and yes I GOT IN and will receive the coupon in a few weeks.I just did mine today.

        • Lynn

          I keep getting the same response and have waited for 30 minutes. Very frustrating!!!!!!

          • T-

            I have been trying all day and I keep getting “Saving, please wait”. Pretty sure that they gave out three coupons and we didn’t make it. Forget it..I’ll take Tylenol!!

      • Joanna

        I signed in and got the saving message for awhile too. So I tried again an hour later and it was much quicker. Told me my free coupon would be here in 14 business days!

        • Anne Kaiser

          Site will not work,been trying for 3 days .What a ripoff !!!!!

      • sandy rigdon

        can’t get site to work

    • J is now saying the offer is over. That is now what their printed material says. Shame on Advil.

    • J

      If the folks at Advil had any sense at all they would give every one two coupons to compensate for the hassle they imposed upon us. They can fund it with the bonus pool money.

      • 3littlekittens

        That’s what I am talking about!!!!

    • John

      Monday Aug 22 2011 @ 11:00 am I am posting the date and time. I just got online and went to the site and signed up with no problem at all. Said I will have coupon in the mail in 14–21 days. I must be lucky.

    • Mike

      I live in the Tampa area. Also got one. The web site takes forever and when it does reply you get a message stating that your code is not valid! But you can print a cupon for $1.00 off your next purchase.

      • Mike

        Just tried my code again. For some reason it worked this time.

    • Dawn

      Tried my code worked on first time. Thanks Advil.

    • Cheryl

      I am in West Palm Beach, FL and was just able to get on and order and should receive coupon by 9/23. It was very confusing though how you had to check off what sample you wanted and then the words you had to put in the security block weren’t clear; I had to do it several times.

  • karen

    I’m in Hudson,fl and we got one in the st.pete times newspaper 🙂 love freebies

  • Liz

    I’m in Miami, FL and we got it in the Miami Herald.

  • garyb

    is it a seperate flyer? Is it in one of the sunday magazines? Is it in the actual newspaper pages?

  • garyb

    is it a seperate flyer? Is it in one of the sunday magazines? Is it in the actual neewspaper pages?

  • Chanel Laney

    NE Indiana here, and of course one of the local papers I get, doesn’t have it, they stink anymore!!

  • linda463

    I’m in Cincinnati and we did NOT get it in the home delivery.

    • Joanna

      I live in Amelia, and get the Cincy Enquirer and got the coupon attached to my bag at home.

    • Sarah

      I’m in Cincinnati and I got it too.

  • Sarah S

    It was actually the bag that the paper came in for home delivery in some markets. Although in some circumstances the paper may have been too big for the bag so they inserted instead.

    • garyb

      thanks sara. the pic that was posted here looked like a bag, i was wondering. we did not get one. 🙁

      • J

        It is a bag and its the only thing Advil gave us that is worth having. I used mine to clean out the cat litter-box. The website does not work.

  • I’m in North Colorado and sadly this one wasn’t in any of our papers.

    • Patricia

      I live in NW Alabama, and we did NOT get this offer in our new paper this week. 🙁

  • Ruth T.

    we got it here in El paso, TX, it was on the newspaper bag

  • Suehellen

    I got it, I live in Palm Coast, FL and get the Daytona Times paper. It was a bag that the paper was supposed to be inserted in but the paper was too big. My paper came with 2 bags so I got 2 codes! Lucky me! l love freebies.

    Problem: Ive been trying to enter my code for the last 30 min now and there seems to be a problem. The screen is stuck at ‘saving’ message. Weird. I’ll try again later but I hope my code isnt used up because of it.

    • Dana Butters

      I have tried several times as well. The website must be overloaded. I will try again tomorrow!

    • J

      Are the two codes the same or two different ones?

  • Live in Cape Coral, Fl was in the new press, 20 minutes now just says saving on the webite and does not work.

  • Monica

    I got one too. I am in mesa AZ. I had problems with mine. i will keep trying. It just kept telling me saving info. Kinda frustrating. Hope it eventually goes through.

    • Dana Butters

      Me too!. The website is overloaded!

  • Caroline

    I live in Denver, CO and I got it in the Denver Post this morning. The website was slow but I finally got a message saying that I will get my coupon in 10-15 days!

  • Lisa G.

    I’m in central NY and we didn’t get it .

  • Jean in Calif.

    I live in the Riverside area in get both the Press Enterprise and L A Times and both had them.

    • Kristie G.

      What part of the La Times was the code located? Thank you.

  • Judy

    I saw on other freebie sites that all this does is just show that spinning circle saying it is “saving” and nothing happens. Or that you get a message on the regular Advil site that all the free bottle are gone. Then it shows on the site that you can click on a link for printing a $2 off coupon right then. Trouble is my printer is not working. And why print off these coupons if they know they are going to run out without honoring them. Each code is supposed to be unique so why would my code not be honored? What a rip off !

    • J

      Perhaps this is Advil’s way of doing a bait and switch? Shame on them if they are. Advil has no email contact form, they are part of Pfizer which does.

  • Ruby Hackney

    I got mine in todays CJB

  • Ruby Hackney

    I got mine in todays CDB.I can not find wre to enter theun[que code

  • harry

    No worry for those who didnt get coupon, the free bottles are long gone

  • Shannon

    My mother & sisters in the Flint, MI area got them. None here in Barboursville, WV 🙁

  • Jan Metzger,

    All got it in the Sunday paper in Fort Worth area today, just not sure how to go on line to register for coupon

    • 3littlekittens

      Don’t even worry about trying, it doesn’t work. I says it expires on Sep. 4th but nothing happens.

  • Gary Massi


    • roger

      i agree the site is a joke. i tried yesterday it hung up is save. today the website is gone.

  • J

    The website has not worked all day. Advil has no direct email contact, they are of unit of Pfizer which does.

    Advil is just giving me more reason to buy from anybody but them.

  • J

    The bag however is worth picking up kitty krap out of his box. The website is which is printed just to the right of the unique code. What good does it do anyone since the site doesn’t work. What is wrong with the people at Advil? Have they no idea of how they turn off potential customers because of this deficient offer?

  • J

    I am so disgusted with the advil website that I will never purchase their product. False advertising written all over this one. Shame on Advil, shame, shame, shame.

    • J

      Be sure to tell your friends so they know what stunts Advil pulls. They wanted to advertise their product by promising a giveaway? There going to get plenty of negative advertising.

  • Dobie

    Got to agree with many of the people who have tried to get their “Free Advil”. Loaded in my code and the system just kept “spinning” as it was loading the code. What a rip-off!!!!!! I used to buy Advil, and I figured after all these years of purchasing their product, this would be kind of a “Reward” for being a loyal customer. Fooled again!!

  • C. F.

    I just went to, and there is a posting that “We’re sorry but our free offer has ended”! What!?!?! We just got these free codes!! You can, however, get a $2 coupon. No thanks…I’ll stick with Tylenol!

  • J now says the offer is over. Funny how the advertisement I have says I have until 9/4/11 to log in to receive a coupon for a free bottle. Shame on them.

  • Kay

    This is a joke….. I have tried several times and now they tell me it expired, which the offer says 9-4-11. I’ll never purchase Advil again. Pfizer you goofed up. honor what you print or keep your

    ad’s to yourself….

  • pat

    is this supposed to be a joke? if so it isn’t funny. been trying for an hour.

  • John

    It’s a scam. I”M in the process of contacting the BBB. The website does not respond. What a waste. And Advil is a great product. Why the scam ???

  • Jarrett Vance

    I am from IRWIN PA and have tried several times throughout the day to get the free advil they offer and it says….saving please wait forever, i am done with this! nothing is free!!! advil should have thought ahead on this one! what? they didnt think that there website was going to get swamped with people trying to get something for free? ha ha ha ha what a joke!!!! NO THANKS!!! I will go get some aleve!!

  • Tiara

    Had the same issue. states:

    “We’re sorry. Our free bottle offer has ended. You can still take advantage of our $2.00 off coupon”.

    Will be giving them a call in the a.m.

    Advil customer service
    representative toll-free at:
    Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

    • Jeff

      Guess it’s time to sell my Pfizer stock.

      • LOL Jeff! It’s a good promotional tool and redemption I bet you is not as high as you would expect.


  • Kathy Hall

    I entered my code three times and all it kept saying is the code is no good!!! It does say you can print out a coupon for $1.00 off a bottle of Advil. What a scam!! They figure you’ll be satisfied with a $1.00 off because it’s better than nothing!! What a waste of time!! I’ll NEVER buy their products again!!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    I live in Cincinnati and I got one but I have been trying to find where to enter the code. Can someone help me? Thanks.

  • Walter Cordes

    Cincinnati, OH; I have been trying to enter the “Advil for FREE” 6 digit code off and on for two days now… web page does not respond. Needless to say, I will take Advil off my future shopping lists due to their scam.

  • D. Maddox


  • Walter Cordes

    This tops their web site not working when they issue web required mass coupons; I called their customer service numer, keyed in #3 for coupon and rebate questions/help, and was disconnected…three times! Good Grief Pfizer, get your act together 🙁

  • Victor Atsinger

    My address is Houston, Texas 77018. Just wonder if the source of this problem is with my computer or the web sight. Let me know by e-mail.

  • Cheryl

    Got the coupon in the Louisville Courier-Journal, but just like others, it would not work. The best route here is to contact national media (which I’ll do shortly) to get them to call Advil to get an answer on why they are not honoring these coupons. Mine is headed towards the recycle bin. I usually purchase Motrin anyway, and this won’t do anything to sway me towards Advil.

  • Lynn

    Got access to free advil coupon, Daytona News Journal 🙂 Says to allow 15 days for delivery. Keeping fingers crossed can use X X

  • Ashley

    Tried several times yesterday and got the same response, “saving. please wait” which would stay on the screen for hours. Tried this morning and it went straight threw and was able to put in my information. Said coupon would arrive in 10 – 15 business days.

  • Cheryl

    Update…looks like Advil got the message and has freed up the website. Try again. Mine just went through and said that I should receive it in 10-15 days.

  • Rowlanda

    I’m in Akron, OH and the Akron Beacon Journal has them =) I’ve already been on the site this morning and requested mines.

  • grace

    I just logged on and had no problem getting the offer. Also I live in Southern California.

  • J

    It took Advil 24 hours to do the right thing. How much good will has that cost them? How incompetent are their executives to think they can screw with their consumers in today’s tight market?

  • steve

    It’s called bait and switch. My number is B10900 and web page says it is invalid, but I can get a $2 coupon.

  • April

    Bunk offer, same problem here in CA when I entered the code. I will never buy Advil in the future just because of this bunk offer.

  • Kay

    How do you choose…… it won’t let you select one????????????????

  • Mark

    It says select the type you want, but it won’t let you choose. anyone know how to choose ?



  • pennyscents

    Okay, I called Advil & they referred me to cal Pfizer at: 1-800-322-3129, Option # 4. I had to wait on hold for like 20 minutes, but I just worked on an e-mail while I was on hold, so no biggy. Multi-tasking!!! 🙂 Anyway, they are going to mail me the coupon. The lady that I spoke with apologized & said that their site was overwhelmed with everybody trying to get on at once. She sounded very polite, but at the same time wore out. She cleared her throat a couple of times, apologized, and mentioned that she has been on the phone all day with this issue. I just want to ask people to please be polite to the reps that are taking the calls. It is not their fault that the system crashed! I suspect that these codes that were only given out in specific area were shared online too, which would definitely not help the problem. I kept getting the message that my code was invalid. Well, if so many ppl already used the code that I have, I can see how I could get that message. I’m not saying that is for sure what happened, but I would put money on that these codes were shared online when they weren’t supposed to be.

  • KC

    I got it in the home delivery of the Detroit Free Press (Detroit Metro area) on Sunday. I just entered the coupon code and it worked fine.

  • Gwen

    The free advil coupon was in Sundays Houston Chronicle (8/21/11). I couldn’t access the website for the free coupon using the website they gave, But I clicked over to your webstie and was successful. Guess it takes patiences.

  • Don

    So I got this coupon in yesterdays newspaper. (Sunday August 21). Today I tried to redeem the coupon on the website. First it says “sorry, our offer has expired. But you can still get $2 off”. Now that is not what they advertised. So I tried again. Now it says, the offer has expired. So they made the offer expire as of today? The expiration date on the coupon says 9/4/11. The last time I looked, September 4 came AFTER August 22.

    I think this is an example of “bait and swit ch” advertising. So, too bad Advil and whoever makes it. I will make sure I use some other product. I acquired a headache just trying to navigate the convoluted corrupt mess Advil made of this offer on their website. I will go get some plain aspirin, and some that is NOT made by these people.


    I tried several times and never could get my “unique” code accepted. I’ll just buy my usual brand.
    Sometime even free is too much trouble|

  • Fiesty Gal

    Had no problem getting in to sign up for coupon. I am in San Diego and did the sign up Monday at 10:30 PM. Guess once everyone got tired of jamming the site I was able to do it 1st try.

  • dorothy

    web site no good….can’t post code number some free offer?????

  • dorothy

    some free offer.,…site won’t take my code number off card!!! Some FREE Offer?????

  • dorothy

    can’t get code number to work at the site…..BVORY4 says invalid number!!! some Free offer?????????

  • dorothy

    site will not take my code number BVORT4 SOME FREE OFFER???????

  • Howard Raymond

    Your system would not accept my e-mail address. It probably won’t accept this complaint either, but I will try anyway. If my e-mail IS accepted, please advise an 800 number where I can get my information accepted by a human being. The offer came with my St. Petersburg Times Sunday edition.

  • Shirley

    I tried multiple times to get the Advil&Advil PM Free, impossible, the code always comes back wrong???? Impossible.

    • Shaila

      I just filled out the whole form..and my coupon is on it’s way in the mail.
      I did have to refresh the page one time, after entering the unique code, but had no other problems.

  • laura

    what a jip ! i put in my code in spite of reading all coments. I wanted to know for my self , so yup i put in my code AND it tells me its wrong and heres 1.00 $ off coupon , waist of time ill taKE A TEY, INSTEAD , shame on you Advil !!!!!! and its only the first day !

  • pennyscents

    To everybody that is having problems on the website still call Pfizer at: 1-800-322-3129, Option # 4. They were very nice & helpful. They asked me a few questions about my coupon that I had, and said they would be mailing me the coupon. They did say that there site was overwhelmed with responses. I do blv that is what caused the original problems. However, I think that some of the problems continue b/c ppl shared the codes online. I am thinking that if the website got so many requests from a specific code that in time that code was invalid.

  • J actually put up on their website that offer was over. They then the next day put the offer back online. Advil failed to anticipate the demand then took the wrong steps. Someone at Advil is not working at the level they are getting paid for. They need to find a job more commensurate with their lack of abilities. Advil needs to give out two coupons to make up for their incompetence.

  • Carolyn McQueen

    This free offer from advil when you enter the code number all you get is some crazy error, so what’s the problem?? Why do all these types of offers always have problems?????

    • Deanie Smith

      I could not get through, so am dialing 1-800322-3129 #4.
      Just bet a real person will answer the phone.

  • Cathy

    I put my code number in 5 times, not waiting waiting longer than 2-3 minutes each time then – BOOM – got on & will have my free sample in 10-15 business days!

  • Jolene

    This is a joke of some kind. I filled out the information, but could not get the capchek right, time after time, even tho I knew it was correct. They dont want to give away their advils for free. I will never buy another Advil

  • Ray Lundquist

    You messed up, Advil folks. Very misleading “offer”. We’ll stay with Aleve, thank you.

  • Vickie Bromley


  • James D. Ethridge

    It’s a shame Advil did’t just put the coupon on the web site so it could be copied etc..
    Make you wonder what their intent could have been. I sit for some time waiting for
    the system to allow me thru to enter the number, etc. and I didn’t like being made
    a fool.

  • Mary Winchell

    Couldn’t you have made this easier and therefore maybe generated the client base
    you were looking for. seems as if we are all turned off by the difficulty of this
    “free offer”. No thanks.

  • suzanne

    Tryed to get my free coupon and entered my code and it said it was invalid. what a ripoff!

  • James Gimbel

    This free offer gives me a “headiie-ache”.. but the “BAYER” will clear it up.

    If you really want to send the sample, the code number is B4DQR3…Advil PM they usually worked when I bought them.

    Jim G.

  • Wendy

    My 93 year old Mother ask me to get her free Advil . Since she doesn’t know how to work a computer,I had no problem getting in to the system.I just hope she will be getting her free Advil.

  • Stumpy

    Just got my coupon in Sundays paper 10-09-11. offer ends 9-4-11 really?