FREE Amazon Prime for College Students

Back to school shopping is starting and college students should not be left out! Amazon wants to make shopping for books easy! They are offering FREE Amazon Prime to College Students for a whole year! Amazon Prime offers FREE 2 day shipping! (I love using this, especially around Christmas!) So college students, sign up here and enjoy the FREE shipping!

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  • Irene S.

    I guess if you did this last year they won’t let you do it again. Boo!!

    • Tracey

      I did it this last school year (doesn’t expire until next March) and they just sent me an email that will allow me to get it for $39 next year. While not as good as free, with the recent inclusion of streaming videos in the Amazon Prime membership, this is still a good deal.

  • ila

    I am finding this, too. I guess I will have to wait for moms prime. They should offer this for college students every year. With the rising costs, I don’t know how we are going to survive getting her thru year 2.

  • Angela

    I did this last year and just signed up for another year at 50% off. I do so much shopping from Amazon that it is well worth it for me. I realize I could just get super saver shipping for free, but it’s very rare I spend $25 at one time unless it is for a textbook, and in which case I want it sooner. I like not having to wait until I need $25 worth of stuff before I can order something and then getting it in 2 days instead of 5.