Free Angry Birds Game Downloads

It looks like it if Free Angry Birds Download Day.  Here are a couple of ways to can get this hot game for FREE:

  • Amazon has launched its Android App store and today only (3/22) it is offering a free download of the Angry Birds Game.  It sounds like there will be another free game download available tomorrow.
  • Best Buy is offering a free download of Angry Birds on your PC.  This one is great because your monitor gets you a better view of the field when you are throwing this little buggers.  you will need to download the IntelApp on your computer first.

Now confess, are you hooked on the Angry Birds craze?  This game is a favorite of our whole family.  Well, except my baby girl who is too young to play.  But even our 3 year old would play it.  i think Angry birds season was tougher than regular Angry Birds.  Some of the levels seemed impossible to complete.  What do you think?

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  • Darlene

    We love Angry Birds, only prob. here is my 5 yr old son keeps accidently deleting the game from our Ipod and then we have to start all over… little stinker I will be downloading it on our computer for sure… ty

  • junesummer

    OK I downloaded the IntelApp on my computer. Where or how do I get the free download from Best Buy?

  • Belinda

    This app doesn’t work with computers running vista. It will work with older XP and newer 7.

    • junesummer

      I have both an older xp and a newer 7 what am i doing wrong? has anyone got this to work or is it just me (which is quite possible, my kids keep telling me I am NOT computer smart)

      • June,

        Let me know if this works. Register for and download the intel app. then go back to the link above and download the free game. When all else fails I also restart my computer.


  • Casey

    Do I need to pay anything if register?

  • Mercedes,

    I had never played Angry Birds before today. For grins and giggles I DL’ed it (had to get it else where, the link wasn’t working for me..)

    Needless to say, I spent 2 hours playing the game rather than updating spreadsheets. Oops!


  • anonymous

    I downloaded the intelapp and installed in my computer running win7. Even after registering to the site, i see angry birds at 4.99
    It is not free !!!!!! Did anyone get a free download ?