Free Angry Birds Game Downloads

It looks like it if Free Angry Birds Download Day.  Here are a couple of ways to can get this hot game for FREE:

  • Amazon has launched its Android App store and today only (3/22) it is offering a free download of the Angry Birds Game.  It sounds like there will be another free game download available tomorrow.
  • Best Buy is offering a free download of Angry Birds on your PC.  This one is great because your monitor gets you a better view of the field when you are throwing this little buggers.  you will need to download the IntelApp on your computer first.

Now confess, are you hooked on the Angry Birds craze?  This game is a favorite of our whole family.  Well, except my baby girl who is too young to play.  But even our 3 year old would play it.  i think Angry birds season was tougher than regular Angry Birds.  Some of the levels seemed impossible to complete.  What do you think?

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