Free Backpack Updates

Check out the free backpack I picked up earlier at Staples.  Cute right?, I personally love that it was FREE!  I wanted to update you that I looked up online and it seems you can use Staples rewards $$ to pay for items that have an easy rebate on them.  In this particular case, I had $20 in Staples rewards I got from buying free Duracell batteries back in April.  The rebate form that printed at checkout shows the full price of the backpack as what I am owed back via easy rebate.  I have yet to submit my rebate but from what I looked up online this seems to work.  What doesn’t work is using Staples Rewards to pay for items that generate Staples rewards.

Don’t forget that you can shop Office Max online for the two free backpacks.  Shop theough Ebates to get 3% or Shopathome to get 4% cashback.  I picked up a very nice laptop backpack with wheels. Some of you have asked if you can use Office Max perks $$ to pay for items that produce Office Max perks and yes you can.  I have done it in the past and gotten back the perks I am supposed to receive.

Did you pick up your free backpack yet?

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  • Karen

    Wait. What?

    It is probably the heat, but I am confused…..can you use (ink) rewards to buy an item that will generate an easy rebate and still get the easy rebate…..e.g. paper?

    I did not buy a backpack this AM as I don’t shop much at Staples…..the backpack is only “free” (IMO) if you are going to use your Staples credit (from the backpack) to buy something you would have been buying anyway.
    I like the easy Rebates as they are “true” rebates, not just in store credits (like at Office Max, WAGS, CVS, etc.)

    • Mercedes

      I am not sure about the ink rewards. Like I said the rewards I had were from the batteries. But if they are the same as the rest of the Staples rewards I don’t see why you couldn’t.


      • Karen

        Thanks….it wasn’t even something I would have thought of……

  • Tessa

    I used ink rewards to get rebate items this afternoon and it seemed to work fine. I submitted my rebates this afternoon.

    • Karen


  • Lisa

    I got my 6 year old son a GI Joe backpack. Hope he likes it. I know he would have preferred Iron Man, but they only had 2 boy character backpacks: Toy Story and GI Joe.

  • Amy B.

    I have never had a problem using staples rewards to purchase items that give rewards. Only office depot/office max prevent that.

    • Karen

      thanks :)

    • *Amanda

      I have never had a problem using my office max perks $ or ink rewards to purchase anything that generates more rewards.

  • Kellee

    I used my $18 ink rewards this morning at Staples to purchase my free backpack! It looks like your Mercedes except it is black! Its for my son who is starting K in the fall!

  • Lori L

    I’m a newbie with Staples. I don’t know about any of the rewards programs & my husband says he’s not sure if they carry the “Kodak” ink. I’ll look it up.
    I want to get my daughter a backpack for her first year at college. Is there a good selection? Also, what is the price range?
    Thanks everybody!

    • Karen

      Staples gave a $3 credit for each returned empty ink jet cartridge recycled. Starting 7/1/10 that dropped to $2.
      Office Max still gives $3 credit.
      (I don’t know about Office Depot, but presume they have a program too)

      For both, you need to be a member of their rewards program (free), so that when you turn in the ink cartridges you get credit to your account. There are other ways to earn credit (e.g. buying ink and paper at Staples). The credits can be used toward future purchases at the stores.

      If you are interested in a backpack, I would go to the stores ASAP. There was a large line at my Staples store at opening this AM. Office Max is offering a similar deal too….Both stores give you a credit back for the purchase price of the backpack to be used on future purchases.

  • Jeff

    I used my $20 in duracell battery rewards money to purchase 2 reams of paper and a pack of photo paper back in June. Received my $16.97 in easy-rebate checks last week.

  • Kelly

    I got two backpacks from Office MAx shipped to my house for free. I love that I didn’t even have to leave my house for this deal. I’ll use the credit for new toner to print more great coupons.

  • Levy

    mercedes, do you have to be a teacher or businessowner to be a office maxperks member?

    • Mercedes


      Yes, Office Max Perks are only open to businesses or teacher. but if you have a home business you qualify. The same if you are a homeschooler.


  • K

    Staples manager a while back said any reward points can be used to generate rewards points for next purchase.

    Conversely several months ago Cust. Serv. Rep from 1-800 number for Office Max told me rewards can’t be rolled.

    This get confusing.

    So my info says Staples can roll. Meredith says Office Max can roll? Correct?

  • Sherri

    Yeah. It will work. I just mentioned it just to let you know that when you use staples rewards to pay for stuff that is getting rewards back, you will not get the rewards back. You get the picture. I just wanted to make sure that the readers understand this. (I took a loss of over $100 because I was not aware of this).

    Thanks for the info about Office Max. Never tried using Max Perks to pay for an item that qualified for perks. I’ll have to try this sometime.

    Take care!!!

  • Sherri

    Going back and reading through the emails, is there any way that we can get Office Max, Office Depot and Staples policy about purchasing items with the rewards, perks, etc, just to find out which ones will still get you rewards, perks, etc back? It seems that their is much confusion. I was told by my Staples Premere Corporate manager that when you pay for items with Staples rewards that would generate rewards, you do not get the new rewards back. Not sure about the checks. Still have no idea about Office Max or Office Depot. (I do hope I get it or I am out another $150. Purchased a ton of boxes, staplers, and bins with this that supose to generate 100% back just a few weeks ago.) Have had much bad luck with Office Max in the past with them having 2 accounts on me and having them not pay anything unless I use my card instead of my phone number. Took a loss over $200 because of this.