Free Christmas Greeting Card from Tiny Prints

Here is an example of “Holiday Creep” but it involves a freebie, so we will be a little forgiving.  Tiny Print is offering a free Checking it Twice Card or a Santa’s Scroll Greeting Card from Tiny Prints.  Just use code Santa11 at checkout to get it free.  If you have it shipped to yourself, you get free shipping.

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  • Emily

    Typo in heading!

  • olderwiser

    Thanks Tiny Prints…this is a nice deal. Yes. I know. It is August and I just personalized a Christmas card, but I know I would never find time to do this in November or December. Just sayin….so thanks for the freebie. Cute cards.

  • Caliwifey

    yay! I love this sites cards they are soo cute. I got one too just enter ur creditcard info but there will be no charge.