FREE Coke 12-pack for 30 My Coke Rewards Points!

My Coke Rewards 12 Pack 30 Points

If you’re a My Coke Rewards member, make sure you hurry over and snag the new offer for a FREE 12 pack for only 30 points! If you aren’t a My Coke Rewards member yet, you can sign up for free and start entering codes found on participating Coke products to get points.

You’ll receive a coupon good for one (1) 12-pack of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola Zero™, Sprite®, Fanta®, Pibb Extra®, Vault™, Mello Yello™, Barq’s® or Fresca®. Coupon expiration date is three months from point redemption. Limit of 1 per member.

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  • Holly Farrell

    I usually miss out on this promotion but I was able to redeem my points today for the free 12 pack. Thank you for posting this opportunity!

    • CJ Edwards

      You’re very welcome! Glad you got it! 😀

  • Skirnir Hamilton

    Thanks for posting. That makes the second time I have gotten that one recently. 🙂

    • CJ Edwards

      Woo hoo! Lucky! 😀