Free Corn Bread and Bananas at BJ’s

If you are a member of Bj’s Warehouse club you can score free mini corn loaves and 3 pounds of bananas. Just bring this BJ’s Coupons with you. The coupon is good through 1/28. Well, I could have used these coupons this morning. I *just* came back from shopping there. At least I have two more weeks to use the coupons still.

Thanks, Money Saving Maine-iac!

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  • Thank you so much!! We shop there all the time! 😀 I really appreciate it!!

  • Kim

    Does anyone know where this coupon originated from? I’ve seen it on all the blogs. I’m always hesitant to use pdf coupons if I don’t know their real source. I don’t want to show up at BJ’s and be embarrassed when I find out it was a one use only coupon someone scanned on their computer. When I print coupons from BJ’s website, it always has my member number and this doesn’t have one.

    • Kim,
      It looks like it was sent in an email.


  • Kelly B.

    Yeah, I agree that these don’t look legitimate because there’s no indication of their origin. I don’t think I’ll be using these.

  • mydreamteam

    The coupons did not work for me. I was told by the manager that they are fraudulent and that BJ’s employees have been made aware of the issue and told not to accept them. FYI: BJ’s internet coupons are ONLY valid if *your* personal membership number is printed on them.

  • Bobbi

    I used mine today and no problem. I even went up to the customer service desk to ask if the coupons were ok. I wanted to make sure before I got the items in my cart. Thanks!