DEAD NOW:Free Cranberry Squares from Amazon

honestFree food from Amazon? It’s a first for me.  Put Honest Foods Country Squares Cranberry-Lemon Zest, 2.15-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) in your cart, use the code HONESTFD  at check out and get it for free.  The code is only good on one box.  You can be eligible for free shipping if you spend more than $25 in your order.  You can use this list here to find some fillers for your order.  Otherwise shipping was $5.93 for me.

Hurry! Who knows how long supplies will last.  Code expires 1/31.  Thanks to the Thrifty Mama for this incredibly hot deal!

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  • Mindy

    Looks like it is almost $6 for shipping…

  • I just ordered a few books Aaron and I wanted anyway…a book and free food! Whoo hoo! (We have our own Amazon accounts for birthday/Christmas/anniversary presents for each other).

  • Delores

    That is awesome! We are Amazon Prime members, so it was free shipping without having to do the fillers. Thanks, Mercedes!

  • A.Marie

    Wow! Great Find! Thank you! I clicked on the link and added 6 $1.00 postcard fillers. By doing this, I got free shipping AND I was able to get the 4 for 3 deal, so that took another dollar off of the total. So, for $5.00, I got the cranberry squares and 6 postcard books. Free Food and Great Sister-in-Law Gifts (I have 4 sis-in-laws with b-days close together!) THANKS AGAIN!!! 🙂

  • I just saw that MSMom twittered about this – it seems hysterical;)

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  • Fujiko


    I just signed up for the three month free trail of Amazon Prime shipping. (I bought a text book for $50 cheaper than at my school’s bookstore!) I will get this free and clear! TY so much!!!

  • Thanks!

  • Cynthia

    Wow, what a great deal, cranberry anything makes my heart go pitter pat! Of course, my husband jumped on the opportunity to buy a book from Amazon he wanted in order to get the free shipping.


  • Thank You, I had to order something else anyways so my shipping was free. What a treat. Glad I checked your blog tonight (:

  • Thanks for this fabulous tip!! I took advantage of it. I hope you don’t mind I passed the deal along on my blog with a link back to you.

  • thanks for passing this along. if you are an amazon prime member this item qualifies for free shipping.

  • Christina

    YEAH!! Free with no shipping charges with Prime. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  • liz

    I did this, and got some bath loofahs that were part of their 4 for 3 deal. So for $6, I got 4 loofahs and the box of cranberry goodies. Thanks!

  • charlene

    Looks like they are sold out now.. thanks anyway!

  • Selena

    They are running the deal again in February. I asked to be on the email alert list for when they get more!

  • Kristen

    Just wanted to say thanks for the head’s up on the deal. I was able to get in on it before they were sold out.

    • Hi Kristen, Thanks!! I am glad you took advantage of the deal.


  • well, I just got the cancellation email from them. I hope the rest of my order ships out though and they don’t charge me shipping on it since now the total is below the allotted free shipping amount.

    now I can’t even remember what else I ordered, lol.

    • I have gotten tons of emails about this Erin. It’s pretty ridiculous that Amazon would do this.


  • CC

    I just received a cancellation e-mail from Amazon as well, stating “We regret to inform you that an error caused an incorrect promotional code to be displayed on our website. We are not offering this promotion at this time…we are unable to offer the item(s) you ordered for the incorrectly posted promotional price. Therefore, we have cancelled the item(s) from your order.” Harrumph. I think they should have honored it. I also hope I don’t get charged shipping on the rest of my order.

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  • Kristen

    I just recieved notification that the Cranberry Squares were back in stock- and- just as you suspected- they have now removed the code to recieve an Honest Foods product for free. I did call Amazon back when my order was cancelled, and all they could tell me was that they were out of stock. Obviously, Amazon is up to something!

  • Priscilla

    I did this deal…order looked like it was accepted & later I got an email message saying the order was cancelled. I figured my complete order was cancelled. I was surprised that the additional item I ordered was still sent & even though the amount was below $25…they still gave me free shipping. I was disappointed not to get the free sqaures. But still got the other item I wanted with free shipping so, I really can’t complain.