Free Crest ProHealth Mouthwash at Walgreens

This deal is advertised in next week’s ad but it is actually a month long deal at Walgreens (8/29 to 9/26):

Buy a 500ml bottle of Crest Pro-Health mouthwash and receive a $4.49 register reward.

If you want to beat the rush next week, you may want to get it this week.

Happy Savings!

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  • Susan

    Ive read multiple reports that there is something in the formula of this stuff that is supposed to turn your teeth brown. They even reference it on the Crest website:

    I’m not sure I want to try a product that discolor your teeth…yikes…must be a round about way to get you to buy the crest whitening strip too.


  • Ashley

    The coupon in the P&G insert was for the larger size, so it can't be used in conjunction.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Susan,
    I have read about this too. it seems the makers say that decompositions and browning of teeth is supposed to happen when bacteria in your mouth die off. That’s why they are saying it’s a good thing. I tried it for a month and nothing happened to my teeth. My husband didn’t think it was as strong as Listerine. Could be a plus to others.

    Ashley, that you for pointing this out will edit post accordingly.