Free Dawn Dish Liquid and Visine at CVS

Here are a couple of Extra Deals you can get at CVS this week:

Dawn Plus, $0.99
Use $1/1 Dawn Plus Dish Washing Detergent 8/28/2011 P&G Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
FREE after coupon

Visine Product on sale Buy One Get One 50% off at $3.99
Use two $3/1 Visine Product or Visine Soothing Wipes
Get two FREE after coupons

Plus both products are included in the Buy $30 get a $10 Gas Card promotion, so you could work out a nice deal there!  Don’t forget if your store ran out of the Dawn Plus then get a raincheck, so you can use your coupon later.  See the rest of the Weekly CVS deals here.

Thanks Maven of Savin!

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  • Melanie

    The Dawn Plus coupon in my area is for 75 cents not $1.

    • patti

      mine too. Seems the Q’s in my region are always on the short end of the stick. Wonder why FL is on the low end so often.

      • eyvonne

        It does seem that whenever there are coupons they never give us the same off and most stores in Fl do not double or triple.

    • eyvonne

      Mine as well

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  • mary

    Must be a regional coupon. I got .75/1

  • RuthAnn Alston

    I was wondering if this can be price matched at Walmart? The dawn I know can because I found it in the CVS sales paper and it lists the price but I can’t seem to locate the visine deal. Can you tell me if it’s in the CVS sales paper and if so, where it’s at? thanks!

    • eyvonne

      I did not find the visine in the ad. I looked throught the whole ad no visine

  • Heather

    Yeah, mine is also .75/1… still a good deal, I guess!

  • kamy

    The Dawn cpn is only for 75Cents I’m sure they are the same in every city …It’s just a mistake……
    But the sale price + .75 =.24Cents is Still a great price….I stock up…..:)

    • RuthAnn Alston

      actually it could be that there are different values to the same cpns in other regions of the US. It happens quite frequently that there. I get my grandmother to send me her coupons because she lives in Washington and I live in Louisiana and she always seems to get the coupons with the higher amounts on them. for example there was a gain dryer sheet coupon in the 7/31 P&G. My insert was a 50/1 but hers was 1.00/1. Same exact cpn other than the value. There were several coupons a while back, the smartsource 7/17 had them and it was maalox, gas x benefiber and prevacid I think. Anyhow, my grandmother got the higher value $10/3 maalox, gas x, benefiber & prevacid coupon and the $2/1 benefiber sticksbut in my area we got the $2.50/2 malox, benefiber, gas x, prevacid and $1/1 benefiber sticks……

      I also notice that a lot of times she will get a red plum with far more coupons in it then my insert will have. She also gets the target insert in her paper and we don’t in my area.

      So it can happen that one area will get different coupons or different value amounts than another.

    • patti

      as I said above, Fl (or maybe it’s the whole south) gets the shaft in the world of coupons quite often. I’ve found that we get lower value amounts on Q’s or like you say, miss out all together. We really get hosed at Publix stores compare to non Fl stores. It’s frustrating to see such great deals avail to others. Double and triple Q’s? Forget about it.

      • RuthAnn Alston

        Patti I think it’s the whole south because I live in Louisiana and we always get the crummy ones too. We get low value cpns and we also get the crummy Red Plum that usually only has 3 or 4 cpns in it and it’s usually for hair colors! lol. I end up having to get the good ones from my grandmother or ebay/clippers.

        • patti

          Maybe they figure that us Southern folk don’t need coupons. Let me also say that I think that stupid TLC show Extreme Couponing has just about ruined it for us in the south as well. There is one small local store that dbls up to .50 (and I’m so thankful for it) but I haven’t seen a store dbl above that or triple (gasp). Nor have I found a store that will let me pre order 5,000 anything. Seriously? I’ve just about quit shopping at CVS because every single time (for the last 3 mos) I end up getting a raincheck for everything and by the time it’s back on the shelf, sometimes month later, my Q’s have all expired. Limits don’t seem to be working. I was in the store at 9am last Sun and all the deals were wiped out already.

          • Kenni

            Same thing happening here in southern WV, too. You are guaranteed to find nothing but empty shelves at our local Wags, CVS, and our itty bitty Rite Aid by 9am Sunday morning. You can of course get rain checks, but forget about filling them anytime soon since everybody else has the same plans. Our stores generally restock on Saturday afternoons (at the end of the week) and are now allowing customers to purchase ONE of any sale item even if you have only two coupons to begin with. This whole couponing phenomenon is soooo out of control! I quit wasting my gas just to find empty shelves…

          • eyvonne

            Kmart doubles or tribles up to .99 here where I am, but only when they run the notice in their ad because I asked someone who works there and they said it is only good when the ad says so.

          • eyvonne

            CVS has done that many times to me as well. I am starting to think they don’t stock the stuff that is on sale or for free with coupons.

      • eyvonne

        There is only one store in my area that doubles and that is Kmart, but it is only sometimes when they run the deal in the ad. I have found no other store in my area that doubles at all. Publix gives few coupons and a very low amount of deals. I see how great of deals there are and I look around here, but not the same.

        • patti

          my publix (in FL) has some pretty good deals with their BOGO items. It’s true BOGO so you have to purchase one at full price and the the 2nd item is free. GA Pubix ring up at half price for each item so you can get away with just buying one. At least Fl Pub will allow you to use a Q on each side so even tho it’s BOGO you can use 2 Q’s. Otherwise for me not worth it.
          I miss the days of double and triple Q’s and Q’s that said “no exp. date” I’m afraid that the small % of ppl that abuse the system will ruin it for all of us.