Free Disney Princess Phone Call

Here is a sweet treat for your little one:  Target is offering a free Disney Princess Phone Call.  You can choose the character you wish to make the call from among 6 Disney Pricesses.  Also choose the tpe of call: Great Job or Great Helper ad when you want to get the call.

What a great surprise for a Disney princess fan!

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  • kerrie b

    Apparently a 5 year old is not old enough for a phone call…. I think 5 is a perfect age. She is so into the whole princess thing from movies to dress up. Bummer…

    • Amy

      You just need to enter the parent’s birthdate and not the child’s. Hope this helps! Hope your little one gets her special call!

      • melissa torres

        I entered my birthday for my child and it still says I’m not old enough.

  • melissa w

    My 6 year old isn’t old enough either. When I went back to try to enter my age, I got a message that said I was age barred from the site. I am sad because my daughter’s birthday is in 2 weeks and we are having a princess party and this phone call would be a dream come true. If anyone knows how to get around this, please let me know!

    • Jenna

      Same thing happened to me.
      You need to clear your cache/browser history. Should be under the TOOLS section of your browser. Once that’s cleared, enter your own birthdate, and it will let you set it up.

  • Patti

    I, too, entered my CHILD’s DOB, and of course now it won’t let me go back and re-enter. BOO

  • Danielle

    ….they should make Mulan a disney princess…

    • Danielle,
      She isn’t? That’s not right!


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    • Joy Simon

      thank you money people

  • Joy Simon

    …thanks common sence with money…

  • olivia

    how come it wont even let me fill out the form?

  • Kiana

    Is this still ongoing?