Free Dove Men+Care deodorant Sample

CVS is offering a free sample of Dove Men+Care deodorant.  Hurry, supplies are limited!

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  • Robert

    I’m still unclear as to the advantage of receiving a daily email, when on average 75% of the deals have expired by the time the email is received.

    • I am sorry guys!
      That is just how things work out sometimes. This is why I suggested you also follow on Facebook or by RSS feed. There are a LOT of people who want this free sample offers. Sometimes they are available for a while and sometimes they are not. that is not something I have control over.


      • juju

        For those of us who have issues with FaceBook’s privacy policy and its CEO’s utter disdain for his customers, I’d rather miss the coupon than line FaceBook’s pockets any further.

        • newbieq

          I agree. When I saw that many of these coupons are available only through Facebook or Twitter, I knew that I was done. I will never go to those sites for anything.

          • HI Newbie,

            Yes, a lot of companies have made the decision to make their offers available through facebook or twitter to increase their own social media presence. While these offers are increasing in number it is your decision to simply bypass them. There are plenty of other offers available on sites available to anyone as well.


  • Tracy

    I agree with Robert. As soon as I clicked the link it was expired already!