Free Ebook: David Bach’s Start Over, Finish Rich 1/4 Only.

start_over_finish_rich_200hToday only, you can download David Bach’s new book: Start Over, Finish Rich: 10 Steps to Get You Back on Track in 2010 completely free thanks to Walletpop. I have read most of David’s books and as you may have noticed in this post here I follow his advice on using automatic savings to our advantage as well as paying ourselves first. If you are looking for some help in getting your financial house in order, download this free book and then borrow his other books from the library. You will be glad you did.

Thanks Free From Broke!

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  • FFB

    Glad I could pass the word along. I’ll be reading mine soon!

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  • Omar Arrieta

    I read his book “The Automatic Millionaire” for my Family Finance Class in Utah State University. He knows what he is talking about and this is great advice for anyone. I learned a lot from his tips. Thanks so much for this great freebie! I’m already in chapter 7.

  • Joshua T

    Would anyone be willing to email a copy of his free book? I would really like to read it, but I missed this opportunity yesterday because I wasnt online.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joshua,

      I just emailed you the link to it.


  • lynn cook

    i didn’t get to read it. i wasn’t online any one still have it?

  • Michelle

    Oh, I’m sorry I missed this!