FREE Facebook Unfriend Finder!

UNfriend Finder

If you’ve ever wondered if people “unfriend” you on Facebook, here’s a free download for you! It’s called the Facebook UnFriend Finder. Just download and install the Facebook UnFriend Finder, and you’ll be alerted when someone unfriends you.

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  • I think this is just something that would create too much drama. Do you really need to know if someone unfriends you? I unfriended someone recently because they were a person I took one college class with and I never really talked to them, never at all outside of class, and I hardly knew them and then a few months later he messaged me asking why I unfriended him. That was SO awkward. If someone unfriends you, just move on.

    • Common Sense With Money

      I tend to agree with you on this. A few years ago, my sister-in-law flew off the handle at my brother because she thought my mother and I “unfriended” her on Facebook. Yikes! But maybe someone will find it useful. I only use my personal FB account to communicate and update out of town family members and very close friends, though. I pretty much take anything posted on or that happens on FB with a grain of salt.