Free Gillette Fusion Razor Live Again

UPDATE: This is gone again for today.

Hurry to Gillette’s Facebook page to sign up for the challenge and get a free Gillette Fusion Razor.  This free sample had some technical issues yesterday but I was able to request it just now easily.  Limited quantities available though.

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  • erica

    Our sample count for the day has already been depleted. Sorry about that! But, please be sure to try again soon.

    • Thanks for letting me know Erica!


  • lori

    just TOO complicated even for free. Some things just aren’t worth the trouble.

  • Christi

    Already unavailable. Boo!

  • Nancy

    I try every day, but they say they are already out!
    It might help to know WHAT time they start!
    I had heard 3:30 PM, but that can’t be right since they say they are already out.
    So exactly what time does it start each day?
    Thank you for your help (please).

  • Sandy

    keep getting “completely out” no matter what!