FREE Gillette Fusion Razor until 5/16


Gillette is giving away 500 Gillette Fusion Razors every day from now until 5/16.  All you need to do is be one of the first 500 people to claim it every day.  If you don’t get lucky today, don’t give up and try tomorrow.  You have a full month to get lucky!


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  • Amanda

    Thanks! I put this one on my site too!

  • ilja

    ok i read this on amanda’s site and she said you could enter for the razor giveaway everyday so does that mean we get a free razor everyday we go to there site.thanks.

  • Hilary

    I just registered my husband. Good deal! We didn’t get one today, but I’ll try again tomorrow. Looks like it’s pretty popular. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amanda

    I signed up at 5:10 a.m. EST and they were already gone! Have to get up pretty early to grab this deal. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks!

    • I don’t know if you sign up for it every day, you will get more than one. I don’t know exactly how the mailing will be handled on the manufacturer’s end. however I do think that if you don’t get a chance for one in the early days of the promotion, you will probably have a better chance towards te end of the promo as people forget about it. I would bookmark the page or set a not on your calendar.


  • Hilma M


    FYI that message about them already being gone keeps coming up until the next days time. I had to hit refresh several times and got it at 9:01 PST

  • Diane

    I heard on another site it is reset at noon eastern time each day. Didn’t get mine yet but good luck to everyone.

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