Free Glade Sense & Spray at Walgreens


Walgreens is currently selling Glade’s new line of air fresheners: Sense and Sprays Motion Sensor Automatic Spray.  It comes in apple cinnamon or clean linen scent.  This product is also currently offering $3 back via Easysaver Rebate program when you buy one (Offer #28).  Use a couple of coupons and get them free.  here’s how the transaction would look:

19.98 two Sense & Spray
-9.99 buy one get one free internet printable coupon
-4 coupon from 2/8 inserts
Pay $5.99 our of pocket and get $6 back via ESR rebate.

You can get up to four this way.  Thanks Surviving the Stores for spotting this deal!

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  • taylor

    Quick silly question…

    Will my Walgreens take an internet printable coupon along with a insert coupon? Isn’t that considered 2 coupons@

  • Iggy

    Taylor, Our WAGs always takes a manufacturer coupon with an store insert coupon. They only don’t allow combining 2 manufacturers on the same item.

  • todd

    Worked for me last night. The sign read $9.99 but they each rang up for $8.99! Yippee. I did two separate transactions and purchased 4.

  • That’s awesome! This is also a good way to use those $6 RRS from the razor deal.

  • MIndy

    Well, I’m thoroughly disappointed. My WAGS mgr. absolutely would not take the B1G1 q and the $4/1 because they were both manuf. q-pons and I was technically only paying for one. Bummer!

  • Gloria Brown

    I see a $4 off coupon for a scented oil lasting impressions holder. Is this the one y’all are talking about?

  • Kim

    no but the lasting impressions SHOULD be the same deal. The glade website has a B1G1 for that too!

  • Tonya

    Tell your manager that the b1g1 q is for the free one.The $4 q is for the one you are actually paying for.Hence,you should be able to use both:)

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  • I just started doing the WAGS thing today, is an ESR the same as Register Rewards?

    • Hi LAuren,
      No ESR is the monthly rebate program Walgreens has in addition to the Register Rewards promotions. You can find the small booklets with all of the offer near the weekly circulars.

  • kim

    YAY!!! I am going to go try this at lunchtime! I hope it works because I really want one for my office!

  • Gloria Brown

    I found the other coupon for $4. I did this at lunch. It worked!! They rang up at $8.99 at my Wags, too. Of course there were only four on the shelf, so I only bought twoe. I’ll check back today, or go to the other Wags.

  • kim

    no luck for me at the wags by work 🙁 . The first would not allow me to use both coupons, and the second had a scent I don’t like, and since I was anticipating getting shot down anyway, i did not even bother. I have 3 more wags near where I live, so hopefully one of them will allow it.

  • anna

    Mercedes, I have a question for you. Today at my weekly Wags run, I was cashing out and the chashier was talking to me a bit to kill time while the receipts printed and she noted that I had gotten 3 separate RR coups back. She was saying that it was because I had not used any RRs on that transaction and that if you use a RR on a transaction then a new one won’t print. I thought this was just for the same RR deal? Like say for example I want to use a RR that I got for buying cereal and I want to use it on a razor deal which would give me another RR back. I understand that I can’t use another razor RR on the razor deal but I thought we could use them if they were from another deal??

  • Stevie B

    You can also use these Sense & Sprays as cat repellents / trainers too. Take a look here:

    Excellent deal and thanks for the post!

  • Megan

    These rang up at $8.99 at my Wags too – so they’re a $1.01 money-maker on two! I didn’t want to clean out their stock, so I’ll try to buy the other two at another Walgreens. What a great deal, and a fun addition to a house-warming basket for my soon-to-be-married sister :o)