DEAD NOW: Free Glade Soy Candles at Walgreens


If you didn’t have a chance to print your coupon for $4/1 Glade’s Fragance Collection Soy candles last month I have GREAT NEWS for you!  The coupon is available again!  At Walgreens the 4.9oz candles are regularly priced $5.99.  Use the $4/1 printable manufacturer coupon and the $2/1 Walgreens store coupon on page 21 of the Easysaver catalog to get them FREE.  Always remember to hand your manufacturer coupon first and then the Walgreens coupon.  The ESR coupon expires on 4/25, so act quickly!

Good one to add to your 4/22 Walgreens trip!

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  • Thanks so much for the info about the Walgreens deal today. I had just gotten my email with my free bag and 15% off offer when I read your post. I went out and got some great stuff. Thanks again.

  • Lora

    Thanks….amazing deal! We have 2 computers so I was able to get 4 coupons. They smell great too!

  • kristina L

    I printed this last time and it let me print it two more times as well. Thanks for the info.

  • Kellee

    I was not able to use my coupons at Walgreens today (4/22). The cashier scanned the $4.00 coupons first, then scanned the ES Coupon and the register beeped. She then told me that the $4.00 coupon was only good for the one multi-wick candle or one reed diffuser! I was upset. I think the reason why the register beeped was I used my 15% off coupon which dropped the price of the candle from $5.99 to $5.09. So, the $4.00 was taken off, but it did not want to take off $2.00 more from the ES coupon.

    I’m going to try another Walgreens tomorrow!

  • kristina L

    another great deal at Wags is to print the Aveeno $10, $5, and $2 dollar couopn from there website and at walgreens you can get 3 items that are 6.99 each that total 21.00 use the 15% off and the 17.00 in Aveeno coupons and get them all w/Wags bag for under 2.00. and they let you print the coupon twice so you could do it twice.

  • jody

    I just bought the ipod charger at our our Walgreens WI, it was marked down to $15.95 – 15%, it has the $10 easy saver rebate. It retails for $30. It also comes with 2 nicad batteries…great deal for anyone with ipods who travel.

  • Yep, couldn’t print either and I missed out last time. Stupid Bricks.

  • tracie

    says i have already printed my number of allowed times but yet this is my first time ever seeing this. i have never printed anything so i dont understand why it said that.

  • Hilma

    I was able to get them… my wags only had 2 different kinds, one that smelled too much like apples and earthy awakening, which smells heavenly to me. I was able to use the IP and the wags coupon which took off $4 for a total of $12 and with the %15 off they were only $5.09 each so I got a good deal.

  • ladyluvsq’s

    Where does the 15%q come from

    • That 15% off coupon was good 4/22 only. It’s expired now.


  • Jenny

    I tried to get the glade candles at my local Provo Walgreens…and they said since the coupons were $6.00 and the price for the candle was $5.99 they couldn’t do it because they were paying a penny for me to have the candle. But the one in Orem did it so I guess it matters by store manager.

  • Jenny

    Also I was reading a blog that says you have to have the register rewards items scanned first, then hand over your manufacturer coupons, then store coupons and then discount coupons in order for the right amounts to come off…I always pay more if I don’t do it in this order.

  • mdg

    the link says that the promotion is no longer available.

  • anita

    ditto to the person above

    • Hi,

      Yes, this coupon has reached print limit. I have labeled this deal as dead now.


  • Kellee

    I was able to use my coupons today! I got two different scents! Thanks for the tip!

  • Deanna

    So glad i was able to print 2 of them yesterday. Got in on them last time too. My Walgreens is out of them so i’m going to Target to get them along with the $5.00 gift card for buying two! hope they have more scents there, my store only has 2! Thanks for letting us know about this deal. 🙂 I am a candle fanatic and now i have plenty to burn for a while.

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