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Here’s another Mother’s Day freebie:  How would you like to save money by sending mom a FREE greeting card?  That’s right, you can create  a FREE personalized greeting card for Mom.  All you need to is visit  , Create and account then, start creating your card with a value of up to $3.49.  After you have personalized it and made it just special for mom and are ready to check out and use the code CARD4MOM to get your card for FREE.  The best part is that even shipping is FREE!

The offered is limited to one card per person and it ends of 5/4.  BUT if you want to make sure that it gets delivered by Mother’s Day you have to order by May 1st.  I am really loving the Mother’s Day Freebies and I am sure there will still be many to come.

Thanks Grocery Weekly!

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  • staci

    I just created one too. It was easy to create but when I was checking out at the end I entered the code CARD4MOM and is says:
    Free 5×7 folded card : Not qualified Plus I pay 42 cents to ship it so my total is 4.33

  • Deanna

    i just tried getting one of these cards and it says “the code is invalid or has expired”? Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Becky

    You have to register on their website for it to work. Maybe that could be it?

    • Yes, you have to create an account for it to work. I will add that to my post.


  • Deanna

    Well i just went back and registered and it still says the same thing. Coupon has expired or is invalid!

  • Catherine

    I had the same problem – set up my account, got my card personalized and ready to go, only to be told that I was not qualified to use the code.

    What a shame – I love the card! I might go ahead and buy it anyway.

    • Make sure you guys are using all caps. I just did this and it worked for me without a hitch.


  • Hilary

    Thank you so much! I had no problem ordering it and now my Mom is going to get a really great card from my daughter. She’ll love it! As always, thanks for the great deals and freebies. You’re wonderful!!

  • wonderful-worked for me, thanks so much!

  • Deanna

    Yup i used all caps. Tried several times. Not sure what the problem is? But others are having probs too so it can’t be “just me”!!! 🙂

  • Deanna

    I finally got it! Thanks!