Free Hand Washing Timers

The American Public Health Association and Colgate are offering free hand washing timers.  Put it on top of the soap dispensers and it will help teach kids how long to wash their hands to prevent illnesses.

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  • Sarah

    Haha. I ordered some to put on the soap dispensers at work! Sickness seems to spread like wildfire around there.

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  • tammy

    I just ordered 3 of them.. One for me and one for 2 of my brothers.. I am hoping that it works with anysize hand soap.. If I don’t have the size I will find one.. I think that is a great idea.. If it will help the kids learn to wash there hands longer and get all the germs out.. I’m for it.. Way to go American Health Public Health and Colgate!!!!

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  • Sabrina Newman

    I sure hope i did this right my son could realy benifit from this free timer