More Free International Delight Creamer

international delight 100k pintsInternational Delight is having a HUGE Holiday Giveaway!  They are giving away 100,000 pints of International Delight Creamer.  To get your free pint become a Facebook Fan of International Delight.  After you have done so, click on the “Holiday Giveaway” tab.  Then just enter your information so you can have your coupon for a free pint of International Delight Creamer mailed to you.

While you are there become a fan of Common Sense with Money to have access exclusive updates and giveaways.

Thanks Free Snatcher!

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  • Kaila

    Got it! Thanks for the heads up!!

  • D

    Thanks! I got it too!!!!!!!

  • G

    The last time I used this coupon at Publix I felt like I was being interrogated for Grand Theft. She looked over the top of her horn rimmed glasses and said ” This is veerrryyy odd that they would just give there product away” I told her not only was it odd , I have two of the damn things. Haha at this revolation she pulls out a giant magnifying glass and inspects the two pieces of evidence and tells me the numbers are exactly the same. She seems somehow thrilled that shes stopped me in my tracks. But I tell her thats the upc number It will be the same. After even closer inspection she sees I’m right. Time to call in the big guns , She calls the manager… She whispers in the phone and I hear ” I’ve never seen a coupon like this and theres two of them” After trying to convince the manager I’m obviously trying to swipe some of there delicious creamer, She reluctantly accepts my coupons but pulls out her personal notebook and tells me that she’s going to look in to this further after she gets of work. I say I’m going to go drink a cup of coffee with a splash of Vanilla Caramel.