Free Juno Baby DVD (1,000 More Available)

Did you miss the Free Juno DVD offer I had for you yesterday?  Well, I have great news!  Heard it From a Mom has offered 1,000 more DVD’s.  This is what I had to say about this yesterday:

This FREE Juno DVD would make a wonderful present for a little one. In comes in a very nice case that looks like a hard cover book.  But the best part is that after you have registered with Heard it From a Mom to get this free DVD, you will be able to give it forward as well. Get your FREE Juno Baby “Way to Go Juno” DVD.

I think 1,000 more DVDs should make a lot of you happy. So, make sure to share about this freebie with friends and family so they can get their own FREE copy.

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  • HappyMomC

    Keep getting the Fatal error: Can’t open file in /var/www/ on line 112 error!

    • It is showing up fine for me

      I wonder what’s going on.


      • Anna

        Everything worked fine for me up until the end. Then I got this error message :

        Notice: Undefined index: manf_optin in /var/www/ on line 22

        Fatal error: Can’t open file in /var/www/ on line 112

  • Heather

    Same… got the fatal error at the end.

  • I kept getting the error message as well. It did eventually go through, and it says enter the code it emailed, but Ive checked in spam and everywhere and didnt get an email.

    • JEN C

      Try clicking the link and putting your e-mail in again. I had that same problem, but it worked when I started over.

    • Stephanie

      Same here, Alana.

      • Stephanie

        I did just receive the confirmation code in email, but when I enter it I get this error:

        The confirmation code you entered is invalid.
        Please verify the code in your email and enter it again.

  • Kim

    It took about 10 minutes before the confirmation email was sent to me.

  • I got everything to work last night at around 11:30 pm. Wonder if they close down the submission process once they hit the amount. Just wondring if lots of people are signing up, but they are all given out already.

  • julie

    was just able to get one, no problems! Thanks!!

  • Ashley B

    I just got one! I had no problems!

  • Elizabeth

    Seem to be working, I was able to sign up.

  • DWC

    That’s an awful lot of personal info questions just to be a part of the website….I passed on the free DVD because of this. I don’t mind answering some of the questions, but not all…….

  • melissa

    so all you do is sign up? you don’t have to do something else for the DVD?

  • Hana

    Tried both today and yesterday. Have never received the confirmation code in the mail, so couldn’t finish. :o( Wish I could though.

  • The Juno Company

    Everything should be fixed now 🙂 Let me know if you still have issues.

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