Cheap Goldfish Crakers and More at Target


Target released a new set of Target Web coupons yesterday morning.  One of the coupons is for $1/1 any Pepperidge Farms crackers.  The 6 oz bags of Goldfish crackers sell for $1.66 at Target, so you can get them for $0.66 each after coupon.  The $1 off broccoli sometimes results in free broccoli, so keep that in your coupon binder if you have a Super Target.  Tropicana Orange Juice was $2.99 at my Target.  Use the $1/1 target coupon and the $1/2 manufacturer coupon in the 1/4 inserts and get it for $1.49 per carton when you buy two.

Here’s the complete list of coupons, you can print them here.

$1 off Archer Farms® cereal
$1 off Renuzit air care product
50¢ off 8-oz. or larger Chex Mix snack mix
$1 off Kashi Cookies or Crackers or Granola bars
$1 off With purchase of two 8-oz. Market Pantry® cheeses
$1 off 6-oz. or larger Pepperidge Farm crackers
$1 off 64-oz. Tropicana orange juice
$1 off Vlasic pickles
75¢ off Archer Farms® Naan bread
$1 off Fresh vegetable Broccoli or Cauliflower or 16-oz. Green Giant Hearts of Romaine
$3 off Gillette Venus razor Divine or Embrace or Breeze
$1 off Hillshire Farms Deli Select lunch meat

Please remember that prices are regional.  Check out the rest of the weekly Target deals at Stretching a Buck.

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  • I tried to do the Kashi deal today and they would not let me use both coupons because it generated an overage. They said they could not adjust the coupon down either. I even talked to the store manager and she told me that they could not do it. That I would have to choose which coupon to use. Very frustrating because other stores adjust coupons down all the time!

  • Amanda

    The Target coupon is for cookies, crackers or granola bars and the $ 2.00 Kashi coupon is for cereal bars. Are they considered the same thing? Thanks!

  • Amy

    I do not believe the target coupon is meant for the soft baked cereal bars, only the cookies, crackers, or granola bars which are all different.

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  • Dawn

    Just got back from Target. I had 3 boxes each of the cereal bars and the goldfish. Everything scanned fine. Coupons went through without any beeping and the cashier looked at the coupon and said I could only use one. So I had her take all but one of each off. She did adjust down the target coupon for the kashi bars so I did not get overage. I know I have used multiple Target coupons in one transaction before. Looks like I will be making more trips to Target this week. These are both great snacks for my little one.

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  • charlene

    I have noticed the Target coupons automatically adjust to the price so you won’t get overage. In the case of the cereal bars you’ll get 2/1 for the MQ and I just bet that Target IP adjusts to .75. If you have a somewhat reasonable cashier next time just ask them to try it and you can always void it if it does offer overage. I noticed when I use two q’s on a 1.99 purchase the target q will go through at .99 not the face value of 1. Hope that makes sense.

  • I used to work at Target. Your cashier can adjust the coupon(either one) down to the price of the item. It is their policy to not give overage(for instance if your use a 1.00 off coupon but the item is .99) if that is the only item you are buying.
    However, it is up to the store manager to interpret the language on the coupon. If they don’t see the cereal bars as granola bars, they are not required to take the coupon.

  • mhemer21

    I know some of u heard about peanut corporation of america , so I just want u to know that some of kashi products are included in the recall. I read that you were talking about kashi. Hopefully you did not buy the products included in the recall. Try to ckeck in this website or go to website.

  • mh

    The pepperidge farm coupon isnt listed…..did it expire?