Free Kelloggs Poptarts at Target this Week

This week Target has 12ct Poptarts on sale: four boxes for $9. When you buy four you get back a $5 GC.
If you buy 4 boxes
-2 two 1 off two manufacturer’s coupons
-2 four 0.50/1 Target coupon found in this generator
=5 out of pocket and you get your $5 Gift card back

If you get twelve boxes and use 6 manufacturer coupons and 12 target coupons, you will spend 15 out of pocket and have three $5 GC. But then you can send in for the Kellogg’s rebate and make $10 out of this deal.

If you plan on taking advantage of this offer act quickly as there are limited quantities and no rainchecks will be given.

Happy Savings!

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  • HotMommy

    Do they mail you a gift card to use at a later date? This is the first time I’m trying something like this and am not sure what to expect. Thanks!

  • jamie

    My store didn’t have the machine, but they had the brown sugar poptarts marked down to 4/$4.32. I bought 4 and received the $5 gc.
    I wasn’t sure how the gc thing would work either, when he was done scanning my poptarts the screen told him to scan a gc-that put $5 on one. While you’re there don’t forget to check out the clearance section, I got a fusion razor kit with trial size deo and shave gel for $6.78-$4Q=$2.78!

  • Mercedes

    You do not have to mail in anything to get your GC. You get it as the cashier is scanning your items.

  • Anonymous


    If you get 12 should you pay them in 3 transactions?


  • HotMommy

    My Target had signs posted that read they were no longer taking the web generated coupons. My cashier even ran them across the scanner to double check for me – oh, well. $27 for 12 boxes minus the $15 giftcards (put towards next weeks groceries) minus the $10 Kellogg’s rebate means I got them for $2. That makes this beginner pleased.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Miriam,
    I suggested you get twelve in case you haven’t done the Kelloggs rebate. This would be a great opportunity to get all items qualifying for the rebate in the same receipt. but if you have already gotten it, then I would say get your poptarts in separate transactions and use the GC from the prior transaction to pay for the next and lower your out of pocket.

    I shopped at a store that is not my regular and they had sings that they were not taking the toy coupon but nothing else.
    If this is your regular store and one you shop often you may want to call Target corporate and share your experience. because the policy is to take the web generated target coupons. If this is the store you shop often you want to make sure management there is aware of corporate policy so you can maximize your savings next time you shop there. Also, can you please send me an email? thank you.

  • Dr. Mom

    Mercedes, thanks for the tip. I think I will have to take at trip to Target!

    Hotmommy, that happened to me and I called Target Corporate and they said the store should not have done that. They sent me a $15 dollar gift card to cover what the coupons would have provided plus a little more.

  • coupongeek

    Has anyone come across the tokens for the free children’s book? I’ve found them at my Target. Even if you have the books, send in for one and donate to a charity or local library’s children’s classes.

    Here’s the info:

  • alyssa

    how do you get the kelloggs rebate? thanks for your help!

  • Mercedes

    Alyssa, the rebate form came out in the 8/03 inserts. if you don’t have one, send me an email and I will send you one as a RAOK.

  • Jennifer

    I went today and they would only let me use 1 target coupon for the poptarts. I didn’t fight it, there was a line and the kids were being bad. but they wouldn’t let me use 1 coupon per box of poptarts. Thanks for mentioning this deal though!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Jennifer!
    It makes me very upset tokeep hearing all of these problems with people and their coupons at Target. I though by now maybe the whole problem with web and target web coupons would be over. $1.50 it’s still not two bad for poptarts? My store only had strawberry or down sugar.

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