FREE Kleenex Brand Share Package

While supplies last, Kleenex is offering a FREE Kleenex Brand Share Package. This package includes two mini boxes of Kleenex Brand Tissues.  The website is crawling so have some patience if you want this freebie.

Thanks Stretching a Buck!

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  • coolgalus

    On Receiver Info’s page, it asks to input the text from the image but i don’t see any image. am i missing something or is anyone else having this issue.

  • Stefanie

    I am also having the same issue!

  • Melissa W

    It did require a LOT of patience, but I was eventually able to send a pack. I use Firefox.

  • shannon o

    it keeps saying i have the text wrong. It looks pretty clear so I am not sure how I am getting it wrong every time.

  • Stephanie

    I had the same problem with the text….first no text, then saying I got it wrong. I’m giving up. A few tissues is not worth this much time to me!

  • rhonda mills

    there is no text for me either. boo not wasting my time.

  • Barbara A

    I keep getting the message “Your text confirmation did not match the image” I keep unsuccessfully trying again.

  • Stefanie

    after many failed attempts I was FINALLY able to get it to work. if you have the time and patience, keep trying!

  • Kara

    I tried it today and it worked great! (Guess it pays to be “late” once in a while on a freebie)