Free Kotex Samples: Choose from 4 Options

Nice!  Visit the Kotex website to pick one of four samples available.  Here’s what the sample packs include:

  • First one: 2 Kotex® Regular Maxi Pads and 2 Kotex® Fresh & Dry Long Liners
  • Second: 1 Kotex® Security® Super Tampon, 2 Kotex® Security® Regular Tampons and 2 Kotex® Fresh & Dry Long Liners
  • Third: 2 Kotex® Ultra Thin Pads with Wings and 2 Kotex® Fresh & Dry Long Liners
  • Finally: 1 U by Kotex* CleanWear* Regular Pad, 1 U by Kotex Barely There* Liner and 2 U by Kotex Click* Regular Tampons

Plus, if you want to buy Kotex products, don’t forget that you can get three for $0.97 TOTAL at Walgreens through 3/27.

Thanks Achara!

  • Malinda

    It says one sample per request and TWO requests per household, so you can get two sample packs!

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