Free Leapfrog Leappad App Still Available

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You can still get the Free Learning App Alphabet Stew when you connect your new Leappad to the Leapfrog website. This offer was supposed to be available until 12/22 but it is still working.

Thanks Lorraine!


  1. Jordan says:

    how does this work?
    When I go and choose the leappad, it wants me to download the connect thing again. I already had it before she got the leappad because she has the tag. I don’t want to download again though.

    • Mercedes says:

      hi Jordan,
      I am not sure how the process works since my husband set ours up. Hopefully someone who has done it can walk you through it.


    • you should be able to connect, and then add the leappad as an additional pc, I know from experience with the leapfrog thing, that my computer does not always work with it and it sometimes wants me to re-download the connect software. Total pain, as much as I have spent with leapfrog, it should work much smoother, as far as connecting online. The other thing you might want to check is, to make sure your security software has an exception in it for leapfrog. Also, you might want to look at the leapfrog forum it gives parents a place to have feed back with the company and help each other with problems.

    • lisa says:

      Hi, i cant figure out how to down load my free apps. Do u know how i can do this?

    • lisa says:

      How do I do this ? Im unsure how to get free apps.

  2. dina says:

    is there a code or something?

  3. courtney says:

    enter this code 5813-2648-3927-5027

  4. pred says:

    worked for me, 1/4/12

  5. Leslie says:

    Worked for me today! 1.5.11

  6. sabrina says:

    worked for me today 2/20/12 YAY!!!!

  7. Shannon says:

    2/22/2012 Still works!!! Awesome!!

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