Free Lego Toy Donation to Toys for Tots

Help Lego donate toys for Tots! and it costs you nothing!  for every e-greeting you share with a friend Lego will donate a Lego toy to Toys for Tots.  Don’t be shy!  Lego wants to donate up to 1 million toys, so start sharing.

  • Sharon Andrews

    I’ll do it to help the kids, but corporations irk me when they require something like sending an e-greeting to everyone you know before they will donate. I wish they would get over it and do something good without requiring something from everyone.

  • Tami Sprague

    Thanks for posting this link, I love to donate and with money so tight it is good to be able to give help, thanks to advertising dollars that corporations choose to spend on donations rather than print or tv ads.

  • Donna

    Did anyone else get a virus from this process. My sister’s computer completely crashed right after she sent the card. Could be unrelated but was wondering if anyone else had this issue?