Free McSkillet Burrito Thursday and Friday Only (2/28-2/29)

Tomorrow and Friday McDonalds will be treating you to breakfast. You can enjoy a free McSkillet Burrito on them with the purchase of medium or large drink.

According to their website “The McSkillet Burrito combines scrambled eggs, sausage and skillet potatoes with cheese, red and green peppers, onions and salsa roja.”

I watched the commercial for this on TV last night but here it is directly from them.

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  • Frugalforlife

    yeah for breakfast!
    I’m getting an OJ with mine, keep it a bit more healthy

  • MoneyCommonSense

    I was thinking that it would save time for working people, head to work get drive thru for breakfast. But then what if they have high volumes of people wanting this offer, then the wait in line would cancel out any time savings.