Free Music: Coldplay Album Download


How generous! As a sign of gratitude in these tough economic times,  Coldplay is offering a free download of their latest album “Left Right Left Right Left.”  Thanks Lea Ann!

Looking to update your music collection? Amazon is having a great sale on music today.  Amazon has a little bit for everyone too (classics, music in Spanish and more): 50 albums for $5 each Thanks Chief Family Officer!

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  • Christy

    I tried the link, but it is not working. Maybe they pulled the offer already. I just wanted you to know. Thanks for the post 🙂

  • maria Pearl River, Louisiana

    love this freebie!! I’m a big Coldplay fan!

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Amy

    If you go to their site it says to just keep trying – demand is huge. It also says the download will be available until they play their final 2009 show! They are also giving free CD copies to everyone who goes to their concert. Wow!

  • JnLsmom

    i hade to click the “save” button instead of the “run” button on the pop up and it worked. only took a minute or two.