Free Back to Nature Mac N Cheese at Whole Foods


Whole Foods has the individual boxes of Back to Nature Macaroni and Cheese on sale this week for $1.  Use this $1/1 printable coupon available (click on Ecoupons and go to the second page) or the one in the Whole Deal coupon booklet available in store to stock up on these for FREE!  Thanks Thrifty Mama for this great find!

This is the type of deals I love: free food.  And this time the ingredients include organic cheese and no artificial preservatives.

  • Amy

    Whole Foods Market also has a coupon book in stores now – The Whole Deal (I think …. I ripped the cover off mine). It has LOADS of valuable coupons inside, including $1/1 Back to Nature product. It expires 8/31/09. More free mac & cheese!

    WFM has been putting these flyers out now all year, and I have seen almost every food item with a coupon in this booklet go on sale during the coupon period. They’re 8-1/2 x 11 and usually found by the door or just ask at customer service.

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  • Jon

    Anyone having trouble printing this coupon? I selected it, but what actually printed out was a coupon for Norwegian Fish Oil! I see that coupon on their website, but I am not selecting it. I have tried it several times unsuccessfully, and I now have 5 useless coupons! :(

  • Jen N

    I’m having the same problem, except I’m getting the Bear Naked coupons without selecting them!

    May have to stop in and pick up the booklet. Although in general I’ve found Whole Foods (at least mine) to be very coupon-UNfriendly. Like will only let you use one coupon per visit time. Hardly worth the trip or effort.

  • MIster Deals

    Hi, I ran into the same issue, and here is what I figured out: if you select all 4 of the coupons on page 1, and then select the Mac & Cheese coupon on page 2, you will get it (along with the first 4).

    It seems to me there is something wrong with the website where it is just counting the number of coupons you have selected to print, and not looking at which coupons you actually selected.

    Might be a waste of printer ink & paper for just a $1 coupon… so be sure to consider that before you print. Some of the coupons print 2-to-a-page, and some print on their own page, so it takes 4 pages to print the 5 coupons.

  • Mercedes

    That’s really terrible news about the way the coupons print. Maybe using the Whole Deal coupons is a better option. I have never had a problem finding multiples of them at my store.


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  • Elle

    I was denied doing this deal with the store coupon. They would only allow me one coupon. I was told I was “ripping” off the store because I was trying to use so many coupons and I have a store discount because my spouse works there. They made me put EVERYTHING back.

  • Elle

    This was the purchase I made earlier that week, and a manager complained about all my coupons- so the store manager said I wasn’t allowed to use coupons anymore the next time I was there. But she didn’t say this until I was all checked out and halfway through my pile of coupons!

    I’m not sure if it’s a compliment or not for being so good at finding deals.

    Anyways, I’m in the process of fighting it. I’ve used just as many coupons at places like Pick N Save, Target, Walgreens and I’ve NEVER been treated so poorly.

  • Sarah Roe

    I teach coupon workshops at Whole Foods. I will say I had many issues using coupons there before I started teaching. After they asked me to hold workshops there, I sat down with them and told them everything I would be teaching.

    They had to train much of their staff in coupon redemption. Now, there’s not any issues at all. But, it literally took me teaching workshops where staff was present in order to make changes.

    The regional and corporate offices have gotten wind of the workshops and hopefully, the chain will start changing. They are still very new to the use of coupons.


  • Jen N

    I sure hope so! I had such poor treatment there a couple months ago when the Lifeway and Oikos yogurt was free that I vowed not to go back. Although I did got and get ONE free box of M&C today. Didn’t dare to try to get more than one. They are sooo not coupon friendly and they’re so expensive without them, I figure I’ll just give my business to other stores who do try to help their customers.

  • Rhonda

    I saw these on clearance at 2 Kroger stores in Southern Indiana for $1.14/box. If you have a Kroger store nearby, it might be worth looking into!