Free Nature Valley Granola Bars at Target

Print the following coupons and score some FREE Nature Valley Granola Bars at Target right now!

Nature Valley Granola Bars (4 count) $1 in the Dollar Spot
Use $0.50/1 Nature valley coupon
PLUS use $1/2 Target Coupon
FREE after coupons

Thanks Totally Target

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  • Pat

    When I tried using the Target coupon on that size, it beeped, which means they won’t accept it. I was disappointed since it sounds like it works at other Target stores..

  • Kristie

    I also had difficulty when I tried to do this deal. The cashier stated it was because the smaller box is not considered a “multipack”. I told her there was indeed more than one granola bar in the box making it a multipack. She did run the coupons through but let me know that “we are really watching our coupons because of all the coupon problems we have”. I left feeling scolded and wrote the store when I got home about the situation. I was also told next time I need to put the coupons with the item when I take them out of the cart “but I’ll run it through this time”. I did do that once and that cashier told me it wasn’t necessary. It’s all about picking the right cashier!!

    • That’s a great attitude Kristie!
      I also dislike when I am told “we will do it this one time.” Like they are doing you a favor. I am glad in the one it worked for you.


  • Jackie

    My Target, in Midwest City, Oklahoma would NOT honor the store coupon for the 4 pack. The cashier was rude as soon as she saw the coupons. Like Kristie, I pointed out that a multi pack means more than one, therefore a four pack would qualify as a multipack. She said, “No, it doesn’t match the picture.” I pointed out that although it may not match the picture, the other flavors wouldn’t match the picture, either and the printing on the coupon clearly states it is for a “multipack.” I very nicely asked if she could, perhaps, get the store manager for me. The cashier went to the front end manager (NOT the store manager) , whispered to her, shot me a dirty look, then came over with the front end manager who started being rude to me before even saying hello. I felt very disrepected. I will be writing an email to their corporate office tonight! So, BEWARE.

    • kim

      I had the same problem cashier stated that it didnt match the picture and that it was for the larger size box though 4 bars ( 2 packs) would qualify as a multipack. I too wrote corporate after leaving the store, cashier wouldn’t take the target coupon.

      • Kristie

        Would you post again if they respond? I’d be curious as to how corporate handles these situations. I was at Target last night and as I was told last time, I put each item out with the specific coupons (stood in a quiet isle organizing the cart so I was ready for the check-out process). I had a $6 off 2 Motrin IB (or Zyrtec or Precise). They finally had the 24 count box of Motrin. She looked at the coupon and stated it was for 25 ct or above. I told her it clearly states the Zyrtec had to be 25 ct, not the Motrin. She stated it was for any medication on the coupon. I told her Motrin doesn’t come in a 25 ct and she stated “thats so you buy the larger box”. I told her I had used that coupon at another store with no difficulty and she said if I wanted to use it I would have to go get Motrin 40 ct. She was the evening manager so there was nothing I could do (I didn’t get the Motrin). She also told me I needed to change the ink in my printer as she was having difficulty reading the bar codes. I told her it was less than 3 days old and no other stores were having difficulty with any of my internet coupons. This is the 3rd check-out in a row at Target where I’ve had difficulty. They study each coupon like they are sure I’m trying to pull a fast one… so frustrating!

  • S. Rodgers

    So I’m new to this site, but am excited to learn and save. The deal at Target with the free granola bars ( if they honor the coupons); are you saying if you have on hand a coupon for this item then you get them for free?

    I’ve looked at all these great deals and don’t seem to have any coupons for them. I’ve obviously got to get a lot more to have on hand!

    Thanks for any advice for a new comer.

    • Kristie

      S. Rodgers, most the online coupon sites have have the Nature Valley granola bar coupons. Or follow the bloggers link (thats what I do!). has printable coupons on their site and thats where we got the 2nd coupon ($1 off 2). I have used this combination several times in the last few months and it works (some cashiers will argue about it but it does go through). The boxes are found in the dollar section right as you walk in the store. The other great deal right in the front of the store is the Rayovac batteries for $1. Rayovac is part of Energizer batteries and there are often $1 off coupons in the Sunday coupons for Energizer batteries that work for the $1 Rayovac batteries. I get most of our batteries free that way.