Free New York Style Pita Chips Coupon Offer

Hurry up and print this coupon for FREE New York Style Pita Chips, Bagel Chips or Risotto Chips (up to $3.99). Click on download coupon and then login or register for the Homegating HQ website. This is a smart source coupon for $3.99 off one item.  This is a high value coupon that would make any item free.  Hopefully you have a store that will give no trouble in redeeming this coupon.

Thanks, Swag Grabber!

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  • carole

    I thought it was a coupon they mailed you but it is a free coupon you print.
    Where can I redeem it? Most stores like Jewel & target do not take free internet coupons you print.

    • Heather Daniels

      Target and CVS will take it!

    • katie

      You will probably be okay at most places, because it doesn’t say FREE anywhere on the coupon. It just says “save up to $3.99”. So the stores I went to today (took 3 stores to find the type I wanted) were all willing to take it because they treated it like a $3.99 Q, not a FREE Q. But I did ask before I tried to use it.

  • Heather

    I was able to print 2!! Thanks!!!

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  • kris

    this offer has expired.

  • brittany


  • Sarah

    Gone …

  • Alicia

    It says, “Sorry, this offer has expired”.

  • Heather Daniels

    The must have reset it – it worked for me just now!

  • Em

    Worked for me

  • Maria

    I tried to use this today at my local Giant and they said they don’t take internet coupons for ‘free’ items. Mind you, it doesn’t say ‘free’ anywhere on the coupon, but I was in a rush, and am fairly new to couponing, so I didn’t put up a fuss, and just asked that she take the item off my tab. As I was putting away my change, I realized she hadn’t given me the coupon back, so I asked her for it, and she had ripped it in half and put it in the garbage, so I’m sure it’s not still usable. Then, on the way home, I realized that she had honored a coupon for a FREE Veggie Patch item, even though that also was an internet coupon, and that one said FREE right on it in big letters, and yet she didn’t question that one, even though she had to key it in manually because it wouldn’t scan. Go figure. I guess it’s hit and miss with the internet coupons, especially the high-value ones.